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Just off the A58, and Kirkstall road you will have to drive and park in the less than glamorous warehouse car park. Napoleon’s is members only, so you will have to sign up in the corridor reception. You may think that there might be some reference to water or the sea with a name like Napoleons, however the only thing to be seen is a small fish tank as you enter.

The small venue seems more like a private club than a casino and this ultimately leaves a poor atmosphere and doesn't seem inviting. However the staff are a pleasure, very skilled and helpful, they make up for the otherwise poor feel to the casino.

Napoleons Casino, Leeds Information

Napoleons Casino, Leeds
UK Gambling Commission

A&S Leisure

Banking Methods:
VISA Debit Maestro

Ratings Breakdown:
Game Choice 6
Layout 5
Outdoor Areas 8
Atmosphere 6
Restaurants and Bars 5
Staff 9
Music 5


Good Points:
  • Skilled croupiers

Needs Improvement:
  • Dated interior
Contact Addresses:

Establishment Address
Westport Centre
West Street
West Yorkshire

Contact Phones:

General Enquiries:
0113 244 5393

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Layout and Outdoor Areas

What appears to be a large custom built building from the outside turns out to in fact be a cramped small casino with a dark and solemn feel. The floor is surrounded on two sides by the bar and restaurant. Despite the name, the restaurant seems to be on the back burner, tucked away at the back from where you enter, and seems lonely and desolate, with only 10 tables.

From the bar you can look out over the floor, however there is not much to see with there being enough tables to count on your fingers, and the back wall being little more than 20m away. The layout and feel to Napoleons really lets down some of its endearing features such as cheap tables and helpful staff, and ultimately reduces what could be a success into a bit of a let-down.

The outdoor area for smokers is cordoned off and seems to be one of the few well designed parts with patio heaters, nice ferns and benches.

Atmosphere and Amenities


The atmosphere severely suffers due to the layout of the building. Small and cramped, all gamers are squeezed onto a limited amount of tables, leading to players leaning over each other to place bets. They more often than not do so without common courtesy, not a fault of the casino directly, but it can make for a hostile environment in some areas.

The staff do their very best to counteract this and are extremely well trained and helpful, making the feel around less crowded tables, such as higher stakes roulette or black jack far more enjoyable. Conversation flows naturally around a table with a good croupier than will engage gamers, and this is apparent. So if you get settled and there aren’t too many other players, the atmosphere can be nice.


A low roof and plenty of players mean that any music is inaudible, to the point where you may not be able to tell if there is music at all. This may be a blessing depending on your music choice as in the toilets there is a mixture of irritating chart songs and other unfitting music on a loop. So maybe it is for the best it can’t be heard on the floor?

Restaurants and Bars

Despite the name “Napoleon’s Restaurant and Casino” the restaurant is distinctly underwhelming. Tucked at the back of the already limited building, the restaurant holds just 10 tables, four or which are placed against the wall itself.

Redeeming itself in the price for quality, you can expect a good meal after you select from the extremely limited menu (5 mains and 2 grill options) at £11 for two courses or £15 for three, the quality you receive is very good, for the most part. Steak will however come with a total of four chips, and chicken with some school dinner like vegetables. However they are just the sides to what is a fairly high quality main piece.

The low prices and lack of customers using the restaurant clearly means that there is no investment into better restaurant staff or into creating a homely feel.


Much like a lot of the other features on this small premises, the toilets are tucked away by the entrance with no clear signs to direct you. Once inside, there is again limited space but they are very clean, well lit and don’t have a bad smell. Clearly well maintained and looked after which follows with the notion of the staff being attentive and helpful.


This is where some of the disappointing factors of Napoleon’s are redeemed. The staff help salvage the atmosphere from being an overcrowded and hostile one, and they make the games interesting and leave you not thinking about the run down and worn felts of the tables. Highly skilled, talented croupiers are on all tables, who will perform tricks with the chips, as well as engaging players and making for both an impressive and interesting experience.

Staff at the bar, however, were left idol and seem bored and uninterested, yet when engaged can be perfectly pleasant and helpful. In the restaurant, despite the few table and even fewer customers, service isn’t very attentive, but is always polite.

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   Very good.

My experience is very good with this casino. They have been very helpful and entertaining with free meals on some of the days.

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