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Grosvenor Casino Stoke is located on the Octagon Retail Park just off Etruria Road. The gaming floor includes American roulette, blackjack, super stud poker and three card poker tables plus a range of electronic roulette terminals. Take a look at the review below to find out exactly what it is like to visit this casino.

Grosvenor Casino, Stoke Information

Grosvenor Casino, Stoke
Aldernay Gambling Commission

Grosvenor Casino

Ratings Breakdown:
Game Choice 6
Layout 6
Outdoor Areas 0
Atmosphere 8
Restaurants and Bars 6
Staff 9
Music 0


Good Points:
  • Good location
  • Very helpful and friendly staff
  • Car parking
  • Open 24 Hours

Needs Improvement:
  • Small choice of slot games
  • Dated interior

Contact Addresses:

Establishment Address
The Ocatgon
New Century Street

Contact Phones:

General Enquiries:
01782 275 710

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This Grosvenor Casino Stoke is easily accessible by car or bus. It forms part of a larger retail park, so there is plenty of parking, but the casino also has its own separate section for those times when shoppers have filled the main areas. There is a bus stop right outside the casino at which the no.4 bus stops.  


The staff are really helpful and approachable, and are probably the crowning glory of this casino. Staff members at all areas, from the bar to the cash desk and slot machines, are willing to go out of their way to assist or offer advice. Slots are often busy at this casino, but staff like Ade the slot machine technician are available to help you get a seat in the waiting line, in addition to providing friendly conversation.


The bar at the Grosvenor Stoke is basic but functional. It is combined with a seating area, which doubles as a place to eat light snacks, at the back of the casino, overlooking the main floor. In keeping with the rest of the aesthetic, the bar resembles a mid-90s cinema and is well-stocked but characterless. However, the attentive staff prevent this area of the casino from being a drab write-off.


If you visit this casino at a busy time then there is a nice and inviting feel to proceedings. However, when it is quiet, it can feel a bit depressing. The entire tone of the casino is lifted by the faces of the people you meet when it is busy, and staff and customers all seem to be having a good time. This makes them fun to be around, which is something that is sadly lacking in a lot of venues. Unfortunately, if there aren’t many people around then there is not much by way of an atmosphere, as the décor and layout leave a lot to be desired.


Grosvenor Stoke is a relatively small casino, but makes good use of its space in general, although it could do with a dedicated restaurant. There are only a few slot machines, which means that you will likely have to wait a little if you are visiting on a busy night, but Ade the slot technician pointed out that this is due to city council legislation on the maximum number of machines allowed and is not a choice made by Grosvenor.

Where the casino is clearly lacking is in its design. It doesn’t seem to have seen even a lick of paint in the last 15 years, the carpet resembles a gaudy bus seat, and the machines are outdated.


The staff and atmosphere are real positives here, but the main problem for this casino is also the first thing you notice as you walk through the door and that is that the décor is severely outdated. The machines, bar, seating and carpet are all in desperate need of an upgrade.  

There are too few slots and roulette machines for the demand and the ones that are there definitely need to be refreshed. This has potential to be a really nice casino, it just needs a modern facelift but, as it stands, the Genting Stoke just up the road is vastly superior.

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