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Previously named Gala Casino, this Hill Street venue has been through a thorough refurbishment since becoming Grosvenor Casino Birmingham and now has an impressive new gaming floor, giving punters the opportunity to indulge in a wide assortment of fun activities.

Grosvenor Casino, Birmingham Information

Grosvenor Casino, Birmingham
UK Gambling Commission

Grosvenor Casino

Ratings Breakdown:
Game Choice 8
Layout 9
Atmosphere 9
Restaurants and Bars 8
Staff 6


Good Points:
  • Good location
  • Car parking
  • Open 24 Hours

Contact Addresses:

Establishment Address
84 Hill Street
West Midlands
B5 4AH

Contact Phones:

General Enquiries:
0121 643 1777

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There is not a direct car park, but there are several in the nearby area and the casino has even taken the novel solution of introducing 24-hour valet parking. If you drive a nice enough car, they may even keep it by the entrance on display for all to see as they arrive. The casino is right on the doorstep of Birmingham New Street train station, so public transport is also a very viable option.   


Members of staff are pleasant enough, and all perform their jobs well. There isn’t that extra factor that can really invigorate a casino, but that is not a downside to visiting, it just means they are doing their jobs well enough without going above and beyond the call of duty.


There is only one bar at the far end of the casino which obviously serves drinks, but there are also a few tables in case you want to have some food from the stock Grosvenor menu of snack foods. The bar is a nice place to spend time, as it looks over the main floor and up at the chandelier, although seating is severely limited, seemingly given up to provide more space for roulette machines.


The layout lends itself to making an engaging and fun atmosphere. The main floor is surrounded and creates a central hub of activity and interest. All of the tables are manned at the busy times, and all feel inviting and open, as opposed to some other venues where the spacing can lead to a somewhat daunting walk over to a table. At a busy time of night the atmosphere in this casino is one of the best going and really helps make this casino one of the premier venues in the area.


The main feature of this casino’s layout is a large chandelier that hangs down past the mezzanine level and looks great reigning over the main tables. There are two floors to this casino, the first containing the main tables, and the bar, and the second overlooking the tables which houses even more virtual roulette machines, and slots. The layout uses the best of the space available and means that a large amount of games and options are offered in a space that doesn’t feel too big or overwhelming.


This is likely the best casino in Birmingham no matter which way you look at it. Where others suffer from being too big and uninviting or from being small or in bad locations, this Grosvenor seems to strike the balance very well. This casino offers a multitude of different gaming options from cheap virtual roulette tables by the bar and more expensive ones upstairs, as well as very inviting and lively tables in its centre. If you are looking for a casino in Birmingham, this is where you should start.

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Grosvenor Casino, Birmingham is ranked #6 out of 60 user-rated local casinos in the database.

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   Great Review BUT.

Having read this review it is an excellent review, however what has been missed is that there is a superb ,very busy Poker room upstairs also with its own bar. The Poker room is in operation 7 nights a week and has a considerable following, has different comps and prices so that it appeals to all different stake customers.

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