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Genting Stoke is ideal for players who like to sit down at a casino table and play games in the traditional manner, with blackjack, three card poker and American roulette among your choices. Blackjack players will be interested to note that this casino offers a blackjack aces side bet which gives you a chance of winning a big cash jackpot from a side bet stake of just £1. There is also a card room for poker fans, offering regular cash games and tournaments. Take a look at the review below to read an independent view of a night out here.

Genting Club, Stoke Information

Genting Club, Stoke
Aldernay Gambling Commission


Ratings Breakdown:
Game Choice 8
Layout 7
Outdoor Areas 7
Atmosphere 8
Restaurants and Bars 7
Staff 7
Music 8


Good Points:
  • Good location
  • Well-kept interior
  • Car parking
  • Live entertainment

Contact Addresses:

Establishment Address
Etruria Road

Contact Phones:

General Enquiries:
01782 213499

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The Genting Casino Stoke is easy to find, whether you are visiting by car or bus. There is ample parking and the venue is right on a main road so there are no troubles getting there. The no.4 bus also has a stop right in front of the casino.


The staff are friendly, helpful and relatively well informed. In keeping with other Genting casinos, there are plenty of croupiers and other staff members around to help, whatever the time of day or however busy the floor is. There were four reception staff on duty on the night of this review, which may seem excessive but, as they were dealing with group bookings, perhaps it was warranted.


The bar and restaurant are situated away from the rest of the action, to the left as you enter the casino, and are raised to give a view of the main floor as well as offering a tangible separation. The bar is a little too formal for the venue, with a 1950s New York style that looks gorgeous but doesn’t feel particularly welcoming. This is probably the reason that, even on a very busy Saturday night, the bar area was empty.

The restaurant is very well designed and offers a mixture of booths and regular tables. It serves the popular Genting Fahrenheit Grill menu, which is a mix of decent quality dishes, from burgers to fish and chips. The only issue is that the casino often has live entertainment on and, whilst this is good fun, it does completely take over the restaurant area. If you want a calm, relaxed meal in a normal restaurant setting, it’s worth checking in advance whether there is going to be live music that night.


Due to its size, the Genting Stoke can feel somewhat sparse in the quieter times. However, on a busy night this casino really comes to life. Regular live music events add to the casino’s vibe and make the whole venue feel much warmer. The layout could be improved to help the atmosphere, but overall this casino has a really nice welcoming feel to it provided you’re not the only person in there.


The building is a large, open space that has been converted to house all the different sections that make up the company’s modern casinos. This works in some ways, but is left lacking in others. For example, there is no wall between the card room and the noisy, music-filled main floor, which can be a big distraction for a lot of serious players.

The bar is separate from the floor, but might benefit from not being. Its décor and the dark corner of the room in which it is situated combine to make it unappealing and it would be much better if it felt more like an extension of the rest of the casino.

The casino offers a dedicated smoking area, which is something that could have easily been overlooked as there is plenty of space to simply allow people to smoke in front of the building. The bathrooms are yet to be refurbished and so are fairly unappealing, but hopefully this will be fixed soon.


A stark contrast from the Grosvenor Casino down the road, Genting Stoke has a lot to be proud of. There are plenty of games of all kinds and the atmosphere is great, especially on busy nights. While the layout could use some tweaks, this casino does a great job and is the clear leader in Stoke-on-Trent, easily surpassing the offering at the Grosvenor down the road.

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