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The Genting Club Riverlights Derby provides a range of world famous slot and table games ranging from low to high stakes. The club also features a modern restaurant and bar serving both upstairs and downstairs. Take a look at the independent review below to find out more about the gaming experience at this casino.

Genting Club Riverlights, Derby Information

Genting Club Riverlights, Derby
Aldernay Gambling Commission


Ratings Breakdown:
Game Choice 8
Layout 8
Outdoor Areas 0
Atmosphere 8
Restaurants and Bars 7
Staff 7
Music 0


Good Points:
  • Well-kept interior

Needs Improvement:
  • Limited parking available

Contact Addresses:

Establishment Address
Derby Riverlights

Contact Phones:

General Enquiries:
01332 387690

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Although the Genting Casino Riverlights Derby is situated in the centre of the city, it’s not as easy to get to as it could be. Disappointingly, there is no on-site free parking for customers and, although there is a 24-hour shopping centre multi-storey car park a couple of minutes down the road, you can easily end up paying through the nose, depending on the time of your visit.

Bus is the most efficient way of getting to the Riverlights, as the casino is situated right next to the city’s bus station.


The staff are relatively helpful throughout the venue, generally happy to help and serving with a smile on their face, even in mid-afternoon. As is common with Genting casinos, the venue is well-staffed with an appropriate number of croupiers and other associated employees for the time of day and amount of customers.


There is a bar on the ground floor of this casino, which is becoming a much more common sight at some of the bigger Genting casinos. This means that you can visit the premises and enjoy one of their cheaper drinks without actually needing to enter the casino itself, although the reception is just a few metres away, of course. The ground floor bar has a large projector wall, which isn’t used for sports as you’d expect, but rather to create a display on a large curved wall. It is a nice touch, if completely unnecessary.

Upstairs, and on the main casino floor there is a much more spacious bar with a large performance stage, as well as booths and a TV showing sports. This is much more of a conventional bar area than downstairs and is separated nicely from the casino floor to offer some respite from gaming.

The restaurant, like the rest of the casino, has been newly-refurbished and looks incredible. While the decor perhaps seems a bit extravagant when you consider the simplicity of the Fahrenheit Grill menu, it is a pleasant setting in which to pick from a decent selection of dishes. However, it can be a bit loud as it offers no shelter from the main casino floor.  


There are many factors that add to the great atmosphere at the Genting Casino Riverlights Derby, from the new furnishings to the effective layout. The overall feel of the casino is relaxed and inviting. It is easy for large venues to lose the personal touch, but the tables and games always feel inviting here, even if it’s quiet. Similarly, when things get busy, this casino is a hub of activity and action and gives off a fun vibe, rather than feeling overcrowded.


The ground floor bar is a bit of an oddity, compared with the rest of the casino, but it is a good use of the somewhat awkward space in the entrance and definitely adds to the experience rather than taking away. Upstairs, the separation between the bar and the gaming floor is nice as it gives you the option to retreat if you need to. If only the restaurant had a greater form of separation, as it can be lost in the hustle and bustle of the casino and seems to sit in the corner looking pretty rather than like an inviting place to eat.


As Riverlights is the only casino in Derby, you aren’t exactly spoilt for choice and, in other places, this could mean that the casino owners would rest on their monopoly status and not reinvest in the facilities. However, this Genting is one of the smartest casinos in the country and is definitely worth a visit. The layout and décor work on all levels, both figuratively and physically, and the staff complement the setting.

There is no one aspect of the casino that stands out above the others, and it’s rare that you find a venue that can do everything well like this Genting can. The only real drawback is the lack of dedicated customer parking but, if you’re in the centre of Derby, then you should definitely drop in.  

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