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The 24/7 Genting casino on Hurst Street is located right in the heart of Birmingham’s bustling Chinatown district. The Oriental theme runs through the venue from the gaming floor to the restaurant so guests can expect a lively and fun Eastern inspired night out. Catering to both novice and experienced players, Genting Casino Chinatown is open to all and has something for everyone with a packed schedule of promotions, bonuses and special games.




Genting Casino, Chinatown Birmingham Information

Genting Casino, Chinatown Birmingham
Aldernay Gambling Commission


Ratings Breakdown:
Game Choice 6
Layout 8
Atmosphere 8
Restaurants and Bars 8
Staff 6


Good Points:
  • Well-kept interior
  • Wide range of games
  • Live entertainment

Needs Improvement:
  • Door fee
  • Poorly trained staff

Contact Addresses:

Establishment Address
16 - 18 Hurst Street
West Midlands
B5 4BN

Contact Phones:

General Enquiries:
0121 6223313

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There is no direct parking in the area, so you will need to use one of the nearby paid car parks if you wish to drive or it is a short walk from the Birmingham New Street train station. Unfortunately, it is a somewhat unsavoury area and not somewhere you would want to walk alone at night, with some very persistent beggars around at the time of this review. This is not a direct reflection on the casino, however, and it is surrounded by taxi ranks.

Games Available

  • Roulette: 7 tables

  • Blackjack: 8

  • Slots: 16 – very few for such a large venue

  • Virtual Roulette: 25


Unfortunately, the staff at the entrance were undertrained and didn’t seem to know what they were doing at the time of the review, to such an extent that they had to be reminded by the door man. Inside is a different story, however, as the staff both on the main floor and in the bar and restaurant are friendly and approachable and seem willing to go above and beyond.


The main feature of the casino is the aptly themed Chinese “Hou Mei” restaurant lining the back wall of the venue. The restaurant infuses the entire casino with delicious smells and the food is good quality. This restaurant is probably the crowning glory of the whole casino.

The bar is attached to the restaurant along a different wall, although it is objectively small, it fits in with the size of the venue, and is staffed by helpful and friendly bar tenders.


Once inside the casino is small and intimate, and as long as it is not too busy this is a fun and relaxed place to be. The size lends itself to making you feel at home and not too overwhelmed. The tables can get busy, but you should be able to find a spot without too much of a problem. The best part of this casino is the restaurant and bar, both of which contribute to the Chinese theme and vibe.


The casino is located up a couple of flights of stairs, although there is also a lift. In the main gambling hall, there are three main sections; the bar, the restaurant and the tables. Each area is separated from the others, but not in a way that is commanding; rather they work well in harmony. There is a “gold room” VIP area in the back as well as a dedicated section for mah jong.


Once inside the casino, it is a rather pleasant place to be. As long as you are a fan of smaller more intimate casinos (something Genting seem to do very well) then you will enjoy this venue. Its main let down is the location, which if you are visiting can be somewhat overwhelming and scary if alone. You will also need to pay a £5 entry fee if you are not a member of Genting. The restaurant and bar are the best parts of the casino, but the main floor and staff at the tables aren’t too far behind.

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