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Broadway Casino in Birmingham offers a huge venue for gaming fans in a great location, with a high-class restaurant and regular events. However, it is not without its faults and organisers face an ongoing challenge to keep punters interested.

Broadway Casino, Birmingham Information

Broadway Casino, Birmingham
UK Gambling Commission

Clockfair Ltd
Year Established

Ratings Breakdown:
Game Choice 6
Layout 3
Outdoor Areas 3
Atmosphere 3
Restaurants and Bars 6
Staff 5


Good Points:
  • Good location
  • Well-kept interior
  • Car parking
  • Live entertainment
  • Event hire
  • Excellent food and drink

Needs Improvement:
  • Small choice of slot games
  • Poorly trained staff

Contact Addresses:

Establishment Address
1-4 Broadway Plaza
220 Ladywood Middleway
West Midlands
B16 8LP

Contact Phones:

General Enquiries:
0121 456 5557

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Located on the Broadway plaza, just behind Five Ways roundabout in central Birmingham, this venue is accessible by almost all means of public transport as well as car. The casino doesn’t have its own parking, but does validate parking for the shopping centre car park.

Games Available

  • Roulette: 7 tables

  • Blackjack: 8

  • Slots: 16 – very few for such a large venue

  • Virtual Roulette: 25


Unfortunately, the general impression of the staff at the time of this review was that, apart from those working in the restaurant, many employees didn’t seem to be overly enthusiastic about their jobs. Although the door men and the restaurant staff were very welcoming and talkative on a Saturday night, the remaining staff seemed to be there to do their job and that’s it, with several standing around as though with nothing to do. Although this is not necessarily a problem, it is often nice to have staff willing to engage and help without being asked to, if you are to spend hours in their company.


The restaurant is a main feature of the casino and takes up most of the back wall of the venue. The restaurant is Italian themed and makes its own dough on site for use in their pizzas. However, you wouldn’t know to look at it that they serve Italian food. The décor is more of a steak house and the seating plan seemed to be to tuck everyone into the far corner, which in such a large venue seems very isolated.

The bar is attached to the restaurant and is well stocked, and staffed. They have an alluring £5 cocktail menu, and it isn’t separated from the floor except by seats so you can stay close to the action if or when you want to take a break.


On a busy night this is one of the closest casinos you will find to an American mega-casino anywhere north of London. However, the interest, or lack thereof, in casinos in the UK doesn’t always match the supply. This means that at a quiet time this casino does seem rather barren and uninviting. However, at a good busy time there is the essence of a top notch casino here, there just seems to be something missing.


The casino is in a large retail area, leaving the Broadway Casino with a large rectangular layout., and despite the tables, games and restaurant you may feel like it is just a large expanse. The only separate area is the hall by the entrance that is used for classes and events, and the entire venue suffers as a result. Where some casinos are able to manage a large space and still make it feel personal and inviting, Broadway Casino doesn’t.


As the largest casino in Birmingham in terms of floor space, there is a lot of room for potential, but it’s a potential it isn’t close to being filled at the moment. The large space feels desolate in quiet times, and touches on being fun at busy times, but doesn’t quite create an inviting atmosphere, and that’s at its busiest points. Unfortunately, it seems this is an opportunity missed, and although the added classes and quality of food are positives, this casino is lacking in anything that will bring you rushing back.

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Broadway Casino, Birmingham is ranked #5 out of 60 user-rated local casinos in the database.

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