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It was with great excitement that we first visited the Aspers Casino in the shiny new Westfield Stratford shopping centre. It opened at the back end of 2011, and being a brand new casino expectations were high. It is perhaps the casino that can most relate to Las Vegas; if you take away the hotel rooms, you’ll find a complex surrounding the casino of shops, restaurants, and places of entertainment.

It’s the biggest casino in the UK inside the biggest shopping centre in Europe. You do not have to be a member to play, but do have to be a member to use basic facilities such as the cloakroom for free. If you do join the Aspire Rewards scheme you will collect points for eating, drinking and gambling. There is no dress code so expect to see a real mix of the smartly dressed for a night out, and the casually dressed in tracksuits. The casino is open for 24 hours every day of the year apart from Christmas day.

Aspers Casino Westfield, Stratford City Information

Aspers Casino Westfield, Stratford City
UK Gambling Commission


Ratings Breakdown:
Game Choice 10
Layout 10
Outdoor Areas 9
Atmosphere 9
Restaurants and Bars 8
Staff 7
Music 7


Good Points:
  • Good location
  • Wide range of games
  • Open 24 Hours
  • Excellent food and drink

Contact Addresses:

Establishment Address
312 Montfichet Road
Stratford City
E20 1ET

Contact Phones:

General Enquiries:
020 8536 5636

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Location Map and Nearby Casinos



Layout and outdoor areas

As you take the escalator up to the casino, what appears is a grand and large scale gaming floor. If you’ve played in any other casinos in the UK, it’s likely this will be a lot bigger. 65,000 square feet of casino makes for a large gaming area, however still expect it to be very busy at peak times.

At the top of the escalator you first see a lot of slot machines. There is a good variety here, much more than you tend to see in UK casinos. Electronic gaming terminals are intertwined. To the left of these are the main casino games; blackjack, roulette, three card poker, punto banco, craps, wheel of fortune and casino war. This is again a great selection compared with other UK casinos. In total there are 40 gaming tables, and 92 electronic gaming terminals. Given it opened in 2011, the tables and the surrounding decor are also brand new and modern. All in all a really great gaming floor, but it can get very busy especially at weekends.

The casino is also very good for live sports. It claims to have the biggest sports screen in London with 27 wall to wall media screens. They even have a number of sports betting terminals set up, something again not found in many UK casinos. I guess this is because there is a Ladbrokes or William Hill on every corner nowadays, but these are still a welcome addition.

Towards the back of the casino past Tanzibar is the poker room. This is set apart from the main casino floor and is a really great space. There are loads of tables and it can seat approximately 300 people. You can sit down for a cash game, and they have tournaments every day of the week.

The outdoor space is also unique with an open roof terrace in the Sky Bar. In summer you can enjoy a drink on the terrace with magnificent views of The Olympic Stadium.

Atmosphere and amenities


At peak times the casino is absolutely buzzing with activity. The tables are packed, the bars are busy, punters are reacting to live sports, and everyone is having a great time. Even though it’s such a large space, with so much going on you don’t notice how open it is. The only shame is the lack of dress code. The biggest casino in the UK should hold at least an element of exclusivity, which is swiftly snatched away when you see builders in the casino having just finished their shift. 

Restaurants and bars

There are two bars which are very different. The Sky Bar looks very contemporary with plush decor and comfy seats. The roof terrace is a great addition to this with a great outdoor space to enjoy a drink. It is set to one side of the casino so a nice space away from the main floor. The sports bar called Tanzibar is situated right in the middle of the casino floor and is therefore a better place to drink if you still want to be ‘in amongst it’. Both bars serve from the same menu which has a good range of cocktails to choose from.

The restaurant is called Clary’s and having not eaten here we cannot comment too much. It didn’t seem very busy but the menu does look pretty tasty with a mixture of contemporary and Chinese style dishes. It’s open for lunch and dinner and you get to grab a bit to eat anywhere from midday to 3am.


Background music is played at just the right level. Loud enough to be heard, but quiet enough to remain in the background. We also see live music every Friday and Saturday night at 10pm.  


The level of service provided by the staff is OK, but sometimes it can feel like there are too many people and too much going on for them to provide anything above and beyond. The majority of staff just seemed a little uninterested.


Overall the casino has a great range of games available, a great range of facilities, and a is a great place to have a drink. The modern look and feel about the place add to this spectacle. The main thing that lets the casino down is the dress code. It simply means that the biggest casino in the UK in the biggest shopping centre in Europe does not carry an air of luxury which it perhaps deserves.

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   Good time spent

Aspers casino is located in the Stratford area, that is zone 3 London. It is walking distance from Stratford tube station and well located inside Westfield shopping mall. The casino operates 24x7 . This casino is huge with a great ambience. It offers a variety of gaming with approx 70 gaming tables, 150 slot machines, 150 electronic tables and a 300-seat poker room. There are two separate bars, 'The Sky bar' and their sports bar, that is 'Tanzi bar'. Sky bar adds an element of fun to just drop by with friends to catch up or with colleagues for an after office drinks or just to take a break from shopping in the mall. The bar is reasonably priced but there is always a long queue on the counter. It took quite some good time to place our order. On the other hand, if you are in the gaming zone, there is enough of staff to help you place an order. The staff is quick and welcomes you with a smile. Also, they have a restaurant, Clary's, which offers a variety a food from burgers, sandwiches and steak to main dishes like curries and rice. Also,it has a good variety of desserts to finish your meal. The place had good pop-rock playing which made the bar and the gaming experience more fun. Altogether, it was a good time spent and I'd love to go back to Aspers. Rating: 8/10

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