Derby Man Wins £10,000 at Nottingham Poker Club

matt makowski
Written by Matt Makowski
Published on Wednesday 18th January 2017, 9:20 am

Derby Man Wins £10,000 at Nottingham Poker Club

A Derby man defied odds of 700,000 to one to win £10,000 at a Nottingham casino. Alan Bleeks, a resident of Chaddesden, landed the five-figure prize on Saturday 14th January after playing poker at the Dusk Till Dawn in Lenton, Nottingham, but it wasn’t his table skills that secured him the sizeable sum.

The 39-year-old, who works as a civil servant for Derby City Council, has been playing poker for 20 years, but had never once been fortunate enough to be dealt a Royal Flush. However, this all changed when Alan managed to play the perfect hand, a feat that saw him pocket £1,000. This presented the long-time card enthusiast with the chance to spin a wheel containing 52 cards for an opportunity to significantly increase his winnings. If the wheel landed on an ace, the lucky punter would walk away with an astonishing £10,000.

However, Alan, who was delighted with his achievement, initially showed little interest in spinning the wheel, but eventually relented and accepted the challenge. Following one big spin, the blur of red and black began to settle and the wheel ticked round to land on the Ace of Diamonds. “I have never won more than £1,500 so £10,000 is my biggest poker win and I did not win it by playing poker,” he joyfully declared.    

Fresh from his remarkable win, Alan now intends to pay off his mortgage, while Fred Wise, club marketing manager at Dusk Till Dawn, was full of praise for the achievements of the freshly minted player: "We are really pleased to see Alan have the big win this weekend. This is a huge result for him and a great start to the New Year. Congratulations sir."

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