Woman Sues Casino for Jackpot Payout

ian bruce
Written by Ian Bruce
Published on Monday 19th June 2017, 2:11 pm
Posted in: Casino Legal

Casino Legal

A woman who won a slots jackpot worth just under $43 million (around £34 million) and was then told that the machine had malfunctioned, is suing the casino in which she was playing, as well as two other companies that were involved in creating and operating the game. Katrina Brookman’s ‘win-that-wasn’t’ had been achieved at Genting’s Resorts World Casino New York last August, and the game which malfunctioned was Sphinx Wild.

We covered this story when it first came to light (see Slots Player Told $43 Million Jackpot Win Was a ‘Glitch’) at which time it was unclear whether or not Brookman would take legal action against the venue. Now, however, legal papers have been filed at Queens County Supreme Court, and Brookman’s lawyer, Alan Ripka, is seeking damages, saying that his client should receive the full amount displayed by the machine, which was $42,949,672.76.

A spokesperson for Resorts World said that the machine obviously malfunctioned. It was also pointed out by the New York State Gaming Commission that the machine carried a mandatory disclaimer that ‘Malfunction voids all pays and plays’. Given those simple facts, and the realisation that the Sphinx Wild machine had an advertised maximum jackpot of $6,500, many commentators are doubtful that Brookman’s’ legal action will prove successful.

When it broke the news to Brookman that the machine she had been playing had malfunctioned, the casino offered her a steak dinner on the house, as well as the cash sum of $2.25, which was the amount that she should have won for her $0.01 stake. Brookman refused both, and is no doubt hoping that her legal action will result in a better return. 

In the past, other players in a similar predicament have tried to challenge a casino’s refusal to pay a jackpot following a malfunction, and none have succeeded. Whether or not Brookman’s legal challenge will succeed remains to be seen, and Gamble.co.uk will, of course, bring you the final result of this case in due course.

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