Wolverhampton Super Casino One Step Closer

chris brown
Written by Chris Brown
Published on Wednesday 15th April 2015, 9:27 am

Wolverhampton Super Casino One Step Closer

A planned Super Casino in Wolverhampton is one step closer to becoming a reality after Casino 36, which owns the Rubicon Casino in the city, purchased a disused nightclub located next door to its current premises. Casino 36 had already been given a ‘small casino’ licence for a new development in Temple Street, and purchasing the adjacent building to the Rubicon had always been part of its plan, so it is good to report that things are proceeding as intended.

The proposal of Casino 36 to give Wolverhampton a Super Casino was welcomed last year by the council. When the application for the small casino licence was made, Wolverhampton Racecourse was also keen to have it so that it could operate a Racino at Dunstall Park. The racecourse later withdrew its application, leaving the way open for Casino 36 to be considered without competition.

Awarding a licence to a company which intends to open a new or expand an existing gambling venue is not something that any council does without a great deal of consideration because there are both advantages and potential disadvantages to such venues. On the positive side, a large gambling venue in a town or city will naturally create jobs as well as boosting the local economy by attracting more visitors from outside the area. On the downside, a bigger venue could potentially make it easier for people to develop problems with gambling, and increased traffic from outside the area could also lead to increased incidents of crime.

The fact that Wolverhampton City Council gave Casino 36 the green light to pursue its expansion plans means that the perceived positives outweigh the potential negatives by a substantial margin. Not only will the area of the city hosting the Super Casino receive a much needed facelift, it is also likely to kick-start a much wider regeneration. As far as potential problems are concerned, every agency involved in the project will be doing their utmost to ensure that those are kept to a minimum, and Casino 36 has already started paving the way in that respect by donating £36,000 to the council to spend on community programmes.

Casino players in Wolverhampton and surrounding areas will be pleased to hear that the Super Casino plan is still going ahead, but they will need to be patient for a while longer until they can enjoy the large-scale entertainment venue. They can of course continue to visit the Rubicon Casino in the city whilst they are waiting, and we will bring you more news about the eagerly awaited venue as and when it arises.

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