This Online Tool Will Make Playing at Casinos Much Safer

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Written by Ian Bruce
Published on Wednesday 2nd August 2017, 10:09 am
Posted in: Casino Legal

Casino Legal

Yesterday saw the launch of a brand new online tool that will make playing at casinos much safer. Resolver is a free-to-use service for consumers who want to make complaints about companies across a variety of sectors, and the Gambling Commission says that gambling consumers will be able to use it to raise issues related to gambling. 

It is fortunate that gambling in the UK is strictly regulated, so there tends to be much less cause for complaint than there would be otherwise, but having the new Resolver service on hand just in case is fantastic news for gambling enthusiasts.

Resolver is an independent tool, so it doesn’t mediate on behalf of the user, but it does help them to formulate their complaint in a way that is most likely to be resolved in a satisfactory manner. A simple guide to consumer rights is provided, which ensures that the user is fully aware of what they are entitled to according to the law. Plain English is used throughout, with minimal legal jargon, to make the case clear and comprehensive to all.

When users have familiarised themselves with their legal rights, Resolver can help them to prepare an email of complaint. Flexible templates are provided so that the email is properly structured, and puts the case forward in the best way possible. Emails are sent via Resolver itself, and the Gambling Commission has said that it expects operators ‘to accept complaints customers send via a Resolver email address just as they would from other email services.’

Having sent an email of complaint via Resolver, the online tool will create a case file on the user’s behalf, which allows them to upload external evidence (for example, receipts or emails sent or received outside the system) in support of the complaint. All communications can therefore be kept in one place for ready reference.

Should the complaint fail to be resolved, the case can be escalated to higher levels, including – if necessary – to the relevant regulator or ombudsman. It is therefore in the best interests of companies to deal with complaints sent via Resolver in a timely manner.

The Gambling Commission has been working directly with the Resolver team to help provide accurate information about the rights of consumers in the gambling sector, and is fully supportive of the system. Hopefully no reader of this news item will have cause to complain about the service they receive from casinos in the UK, but it is good to know that Resolver is there to help if the need arises.

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