Survey Shows Londoners Seeking a Thrill Turn to a Casino

Published on Thursday 28th May 2015, 10:58 am
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Casino Leisure

Empire Casino’s venue director has welcomed the findings of a poll which show that many thrillseekers in London would prefer to play at a casino than take a ride in a speed boat or go bungee jumping. The survey, carried out by YouGov, found that 30 per cent of those questioned would consider a visit to a casino table as their top daring experience.

There were 1,180 adults who took part in the poll and a trip to the casino narrowly beat flying a plane (27 per cent). Responders were less keen to try speed boating, abseiling and bungee jumping.

According to the poll, the most enjoyable attractions in the capital were calm options such as going to a show in the West End, taking a boat trip on the Thames or riding on the London Eye. The survey shows, however, that even in a city with so much to offer, a Londoner looking for a great buzz would be pushed to enjoy a better time than a night at a casino.

The Empire Casino in Leicester Square commissioned the poll and Peter Turpin, venue director of The Casino, said in the London Evening Standard: “It’s great that so many Londoners are aware of the wonderful attractions in their city.”

A trip to a casino is not just an option for Londoners, of course, as there are many establishments across the UK. It is also possible to play all the top slot and table games online through companies such as 32Red Casino, making it easy to play and take part in some great promotions without even venturing out into town.

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