Skill-Based Casino Games Set for Release in Atlantic City

matt makowski
Written by Matt Makowski
Published on Thursday 13th October 2016, 9:58 am

Skill-Based Casino Games Set for Release in Atlantic City

A new breed of game is about to hit the casino floors of Atlantic City in the form of skill-based slot machines. Closely resembling video games, these slots will offer the highest rewards to the players who are able to demonstrate the most skill, and not just who happens to go on a lucky streak.

These new games are expected to be rolled out in a number of Atlantic City casinos, including Caesars, Harrah's and Bally’s, all of which are owned by American gaming giant Caesars Entertainment. A total of 21 playing stations, each designed by GameCo, will be unveiled this autumn once the company has received the necessary approval to deploy this new style of game.

The skill-based slot, titled Danger Arena, offers each player a randomly-selected scenario in which to take out as many robots as possible. Users must maneuvering their way through a playing field in 45-second windows, with money starting to rack up once six robots have been eliminated. The ultimate aim for the player is to eradicate 10 robots, after which they will win the highest payout. To give every player a fighting chance, a brief tutorial, an explanation of the controls and gameplay introductions are all made available prior to entering the game’s arena.

Despite being mostly skill-based, the slot still includes elements of chance, presumably to avoid constant payouts to those who manage to master the game. The slot also includes a traditional bonus round in which prizes of between $1 and $5,000 can be won; this provides every player with an incentive to keep going, regardless of their skills in the main game. It is hoped that this latest gaming style will appeal to a younger generation who may not be as inclined to play on more conventional slot machines.

GameCo are just one of several organisations to be developing a range of skill-based slots for use in casinos, with industry rivals Gamblit intending to install similar machines in California, while Nevada casinos are also finalising a number of machine details. Gaming software developers IGT and Nanotech Gaming are also reported to be getting involved. With any luck, games like Danger Arena will be hitting a club near you within the next few years, something that could dramatically increase footfall in casinos around the world. Should these slots prosper, users could soon find themselves winning money on games similar to FIFA and Call of Duty very soon. Facebook

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