Ritz Club Casino Wins Court Case

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Written by Chris Brown
Published on Wednesday 5th August 2015, 9:27 am
Posted in: Casino Legal

Casino Legal

Back in June we brought you news that a property tycoon who lost £2 million at the Ritz Club casino in Mayfair, London, was attempting to avoid paying his debt by saying that he had a gambling addiction. We can now confirm that the Ritz Club has won its court case against 52-year-old Safa Abdulla Al-Geabury, and that the self-confessed gambling addict has been ordered to pay the venue the £2 million that he owes, plus interest on that sum.

Mr Al-Geabury visited the casino in February 2013 and used a cheque to pay for roulette chips to the value of £2 million, which he subsequently lost, but when the venue came to cash his cheque it was returned by the bank, unpaid. The casino attempted to chase the debt, but Mr Al-Geabury refused to pay, claiming that he was a gambling addict and that the house was aware of that.

The Ritz Club took Mr Al-Geabury to court for the money, and Mr Al-Geabury made his own legal claim against the casino for £3.4 million of additional losses that he had incurred since 2010. The player, who by his own admission has assets worth more than $1 billion, claimed that he had made an effort to gain control of a gambling problem back in November 2009 by excluding himself from several casinos. ‘I have brain problem. I am addict of gambling,’ he wrote on one form. Mr Al-Geabury then claimed that the Ritz Club, having allowed him to gamble after making those self-exclusions, was ultimately to blame for the losses that followed.

Mrs Justice Simler, who was the judge in this case, did not agree with Mr Al-Geabury’s position, and commented that, ‘The Defendant’s claims fail and are dismissed.’ She also said that he was ‘the author of his own misfortunes,’ and that he had accepted that he hadn’t told staff at the casino about his alleged gambling problem.

‘We welcome today's decision from the High Court,’ said a statement given by the Ritz Club after the conclusion of the court case. ‘As a responsible provider of gambling we are committed to ensuring the strictest standards of care towards both our customers and staff at all times.’

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