Realistic Launches New Blackjack Games

chris brown
Written by Chris Brown
Published on Wednesday 30th December 2015, 10:07 am
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Casino New Games

Online Blackjack players who are not averse to enjoying something a little different from the traditional experience can now play two new titles from Realistic Games, both of which offer an optional side bet. Realistic Games is a UK company that has been creating online gaming products since its launch in 2002, and which currently supplies titles to the likes of BetVictor, Ladbrokes, Bet365 and Paddy Power. The games to look out for at those and other venues that offer Realistic titles are Perfect Pairs and 21+3.

Perfect Pairs is not a new game – it has been available at various offline casinos for years – but Realistic Games have now brought it to the online Blackjack community too. The game involves placing a side bet at the same time as one places the initial main bet, and the side bet is that the first two cards will make a pair. The odds paid for a winning bet are determined by the type of pair that is dealt, with the biggest payout going to players who are dealt a Perfect Pair, where both cards are of the same suit and rank. Lesser odds are paid for pairs of cards of the same rank and colour (but not suit) and lesser odds still for a pair of cards of the same rank but of different colours.

21+3 is another game that has thus far been available at offline casinos, but which can now be played online at venues offering Realistic Games titles. Again, the side bet (which is optional) is placed at the same time as the initial main bet, and the bet here is that the first two cards dealt to the player, plus the first card dealt to the dealer, will complete one of the following three card poker hands: Flush, Straight, Three of a Kind or Straight Flush. Odds of 9/1 are paid for success, but if none of those three card poker hands are made, the side bet loses.

Both Perfect Pairs and 21+3 have been hugely popular in offline casinos, and there is no reason to doubt that they will be just as popular in their new online format. Keep an eye open for them the next time you settle in for an online Blackjack session and good luck!

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