Playtech Partners with Captain Up for Enhanced Player Engagement

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Written by Ian Bruce
Published on Wednesday 22nd February 2017, 9:56 am
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Casino Technology

Playtech, the UK-based gaming software supplier, has announced that it has entered into a strategic partnership agreement with Captain Up, a company which exists to help maximise player engagement and retention. If all of that sounds a bit too much like corporate jargon, it basically means that Playtech licensees will soon be able to offer their players a variety of ways to interact and compete with each other, making online gaming a more social experience for those who take advantage of such features.

One of the big advantages of traditional bricks-and-mortar casinos over their online counterparts has always been the social aspect. When playing at a traditional venue, it is easy to enjoy the experience as a group, or to chat with others who happen to be playing at the same time, but online gaming has mostly been a much more isolated experience. Of course, online bingo and poker enthusiasts have been able to chat online as they play for some time, but the same hasn’t been the case for fans of many other games, such as roulette, blackjack and slots.

Captain Up works to change that situation, and give online players every opportunity to enjoy social interaction as well as the games themselves. It does this by providing a platform which allows gaming providers to offer in-game messaging between players, set challenges, hold tournaments and more. Players can therefore get as much satisfaction from trying to level up, beat their online opponents and climb leaderboards as they can from playing for cash prizes and enjoying the gaming experience itself.

Whilst all of this is good news for online gaming fans, it is also good for online casino operators, because it makes it easier for them to acquire and maintain customer loyalty. After all, if a fan of a specific slots title has a bunch of friends and a history of social interaction and gaming achievements at a particular online venue, they are more likely to play at that venue than they are to play the same slots title elsewhere. Online gaming with social and gamified elements is therefore a win-win experience for players and operators alike.

Shimon Akad, chief operating officer at Playtech, explained why the company decided to enter into the partnership deal. ‘This integration enables our licensees to access an even broader range of unique technologies that can help differentiate their offerings and significantly enhance their player engagement, through the use of real-time analytics,’ he said. ‘We have known about Captain Up for some time and we’re very pleased to be working together.’

Uri Admon, founder and CEO of Captain Up, said: ‘We are delighted with the opportunity to join forces with Playtech, and offer its customers the tools to maximize user value, using our Engagement and Retention platform.’

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