Playtech Introduces Ace Ventura: Pet Detective Slot

Published on Tuesday 15th December 2015, 9:31 am
Posted in: Casino New Games

Casino New Games

All-righty then! Gaming developer Playtech has just announced the release of their newest online slot Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. The title, based on the hit 1994 film, is scheduled to launch shortly and will delight fans of the film as well as those nostalgic for 1990s cinema.

This fun five-reel slot has a massive 243 ways to win as players pick up missing animals on the reels and gain access to bonus rounds that offer free spins and other great prizes. You can “summon jungle friends” to gain extra wilds, grab multiplied free spins and even grab stacked wilds when Ventura criss-crosses the reels. This slot is all about having fun and laughing at the classic quotes, jokes and images that made the original film and its sequel so successful.

Shimon Akad, Chief Operating Officer of Playtech, commented to Gaming Intelligence that “Ace Ventura is a fantastically colourful addition to our extensive casino portfolio, offering exciting and engaging gameplay, and is sure to be a hit with our licensees and our players.”

You don’t have to rescue a kidnapped Dan Marino or beat up the mascot of the Philadelphia Eagles to score a big win on the new Ace Ventura: Pet Detective slot. Just visit participating Playtech casinos to uncover massive rewards thanks to Playtech’s newest creation, and you’ll surely avoid being a “loo-hoo-zuh-her”!

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