Playtech Hails Record UK Mobile Slots Jackpot

jim coulson
Written by Jim Coulson
Published on Tuesday 26th January 2016, 10:17 am
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Casino Big Wins

Casino software firm Playtech is claiming that the £4.5 million won by a Scottish librarian on its Jackpot Giant game is the largest ever prize scooped on a mobile slot in the UK. The technology provider revealed on Monday that the unnamed Glaswegian had pocketed the gigantic prize playing through Gala Bingo.

Not only will the win be noted down in the record books for being the largest collected on mobile in this country, Playtech also announced it is the biggest-ever prize banked through one of its bingo sites and the second-largest progressive jackpot won on one of its games. That record was set in 2012 by a player who hit the Beach Life slot for £6.2 million. Gala Bingo confirmed it was the most valuable jackpot won through its site on either mobile or desktop.

An average of 695 progressive jackpots a day were won on Playtech’s games throughout 2015 and, with 70 such titles available, they boast the most rolling top prizes in the industry. The lucky Jackpot Giant slot winner bagged her impressive return from a single £4 spin whilst she was watching television, remarking “I saw a huge string of numbers coming up and realised I’d hit the jackpot. I was simply blown away and couldn’t believe I’d won. It’s still sinking in and my family and I are still in a complete state of shock.” She also admitted she was back stamping books and shushing noisy children the next day.

The Jackpot Giant slot game features the cheerfully-animated hero tossing coins into a volcano. There are cash rewards to be had by picking the right volcanoes in the bonus round and you can stake your claim to be the next progressive jackpot winner at Gala Casino right now.

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