Nottingham Punter Wins £47,000 Thanks to Casino Side Bet

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Written by Ian Bruce
Published on Wednesday 6th September 2017, 10:17 am
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Casino Big Wins

A casino side bet costing just £1 gave a player a jackpot worth £47,000, demonstrating once again that it isn’t always necessary to bet big in order to win big. The win was achieved at the Grosvenor Casino in Nottingham, and the lucky player who landed the five-figure fortune has been named as David Wilkinson. 

David was playing Three Card Poker and added the £1 side bet in order to give himself a chance of winning one of two jackpots, which are known as the Minor and the Major. The Major jackpot, which is the one which delivered on this occasion, pays out when the player gets a royal flush of spades. David was dealt the 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace that were needed to win, and the jackpot was landed.

Casino Side Bets

Side bets have always been part of casino gaming, but they were originally fairly informal bets that were made between players. Now they are being offered by the casinos themselves, and that means the cash that can be won from them is often many times the stake required to get involved.

Some people view casino side bets with caution, assuming that they are simply another way for the house to increase its edge over the player, much like the Insurance bet in a game of Blackjack. Whilst side bets obviously do give the casino an additional stream of revenue, they also deliver for players, and David is just one of many who have won big by giving themselves the chance to do so.

Types of Side Bet

There are many side bets to look out for when playing at both traditional and online casinos apart from the Three Card Poker bet which David placed. A few of the most popular include betting on certain two-card combinations being dealt in Blackjack (for example, a pair or identical cards, or Ace King Suited), or on three spins delivering the certain colour combinations in Roulette.

Whilst side bets are not something that interest all players (such as Blackjack players who adhere to basic strategy) they can be well worth considering for casual punters who fancy their chances of turning a minimal risk into something much bigger. Be sure to look out for opportunities the next time you visit your local venue, or head to Grosvenor Casino online to have a go at landing a winning side bet from the comfort of your own home.

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