New Casino Planned for Wolverhampton

Published on Tuesday 18th February 2014, 2:18 pm
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Casino New Openings

Two companies are competing for a licence that will allow them to operate a new casino in Wolverhampton, and both have now submitted Stage 2 planning applications to the City Council. One small casino premises licence will eventually be issued, but right now nobody has a clue about which company it is likely to be granted to. The two companies involved are Casino 36 Ltd and Wolverhampton Racecourse Ltd.

Whichever company gets the licence, the new casino will no doubt be good news for the local economy. As far as direct impact is concerned, the venue will obviously create a number of new jobs to take care of both front-end duties and back-room operations. It is also very likely to generate increased activity for other businesses in the area, such as taxi firms, takeaway outlets and so on.

Locals can thank the Gambling Act 2005 for giving the City of Wolverhampton a new casino to look forward to. That Act saw 16 authorities being granted the right to issue a Casino Premises Licence, so it isn’t a universal right by any means, and most local government officials are as keen to see plans for the proposed venue press ahead quickly as anyone else in the City.

The licence for the new casino is expected to be granted later this year, probably in June, so there is still some time to go before we will get any further news on this matter. Fortunately, Wolverhampton is already well equipped to give fans of casino games the chance to win big. The Rubicon Casino on Temple Street boasts 5,200 square feet of fun, and it just happens to be operated by the same Casino 36 company that is hoping to land the small casino premises licence in June.

We wish both of the companies mentioned the best of luck with their planning applications, and we look forward to seeing which way the council decides to go later this year. Watch this space and we’ll keep you up to date with developments as and when they occur.

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