Motörhead Slot to Launch in September

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Written by Ian Bruce
Published on Wednesday 13th April 2016, 9:55 am
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Casino New Games

Online slots players who enjoyed the first game in the NetEnt Rocks trilogy (Guns N’ Roses) can look forward to the arrival of the Jimi Hendrix title landing at casinos on Thursday 21 April. We have discussed that game previously, and so we can now turn our attention to the third and final game in the trilogy, Motörhead, which will be launched by NetEnt on Thursday 22 September.

Motörhead was founded in 1975 by lead singer and bassist Ian Fraser Kilmister, who was far better known as ‘Lemmy’, and who sadly passed away in December of last year just two days after being diagnosed with cancer. The slots game from NetEnt had already been planned and scheduled before that event, so although it was never intended as a memorial, it will be a fitting tribute, not least because Lemmy himself was a big fan of slots games.

Interestingly, Lemmy had worked as a roadie for Jimi Hendrix in the late sixties, and the music that he went on to make with Motörhead inspired many later bands in the heavy metal genre, including Guns N’ Roses themselves. Speaking about Hendrix, Lemmy told Rolling Stone magazine that: ‘When he performed, he was magic. You would watch him and space and time would stop.’

Just as Lemmy was no doubt influenced by Hendrix, his life and work also influenced Guns N’ Roses members. 'Lemmy was somebody I just feel so honoured to have been friends with,’ said GnR lead guitarist, Slash, at Lemmy’s memorial service. ‘He lived his life the way he wanted to… His music and personality will last forever.’

All of that shared gives the NetEnt Rocks trilogy a very nice sense of interconnection quite apart from the fact that all of the artists featured in the games took music in new and innovative directions. 

The first two games in the NetEnt trilogy have been superbly executed, and it is a very safe bet that the Motörhead title will be just as impressive. The soundtrack will feature the band’s best-known hit, ‘Ace of Spades’, as well as several bonus features that reflect Motörhead’s work and attitude. We will no doubt talk more about that later in the year, but in the meantime you can enjoy the Guns N’ Roses online slots game – and the Jimi Hendrix title from 21 April – at Mr Green Casino.

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