Mobile Roulette Tournament at Bet365

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Written by Chris Brown
Published on Tuesday 25th November 2014, 8:42 am
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Casino Leisure

Bet365 Casino is well known for its online casino tournaments, and the latest one is taking place today on the Bet365 Mobile Casino platform. The game at the centre of this event is Mobile European Roulette, which just happens to be one of the most favourable casino games as far as the house edge is concerned. That fact may be enough on its own to help players win big, but the tournament will award a total of £1,000 in prize money to the top 25 players regardless of how they fare at the wheel.

The Mobile Roulette Tournament started at 00:00 GMT this morning and will run until 23:59 GMT tonight (Tuesday 25 November). To get involved, simply visit the Bet365 Mobile Casino on any compatible device (smartphone, iPhone or tablet, for example) and make a deposit of £25 into your account. You can then begin playing the Mobile European Roulette game in the usual manner.

Participants in this competition will earn one Comp Point for every £10 that they wager on the game just mentioned, and the objective is to accumulate as many points as possible before the tournament ends. The 25 players who accumulate the most points in that manner will each win a share of the £1,000 prize pool, which will be distributed as follows:

£200 to the 1st place

£150 to the 2nd place

£120 to the 3rd place

£100 to the 4th place

£80 to the 5th place

£60 to the 6th place

£40 to the 7th place

£30 to the 8th place

£25 to the 9th place

£20 to the 10th place

£15 to the 11th to 15th places

£10 to the 16th to 25th places

Readers who are not yet members of the Bet365 Casino may be interested to hear that the venue is currently offering new UK players an enhanced 150% first deposit Welcome Bonus, subject to a maximum bonus of £150. Take advantage of that time-limited offer and you'll be quids in even before you've placed your first bet. Visit Bet365 Casino for more information and good luck in the Mobile Roulette Tournament!

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