Mobile Blackjack Tournament at Bet365

Published on Monday 24th February 2014, 12:56 pm

Mobile Blackjack Tournament at Bet365

There will be a Mobile Blackjack Tournament taking place at Bet365 Casino this week, giving card players the chance to win a share of a cash prize pool worth £1,000. The tournament will pay out 25 prizes in total, and all of them are entirely unrelated to how players perform at the Mobile Blackjack tables, so it will be perfectly possible for players to have a shot at winning a tournament prize even if the cards they are dealt happen to run cold. Similarly, they could just as easily win a pile of money from the card games and pick up a tournament prize on top. 

The tournament runs from 00:00 to 23:59 GMT on Tuesday 25 February, and players who want to get involved will need to make a deposit of £25 or more into their Bet365 Casino account during those hours. All that participants need to do then is play the Mobile Blackjack game at the Bet365 Mobile Casino, which can be accessed via iPhone 3+ or iPad devices running iOS4 or higher, as well as most devices running Android 4 or higher.

As players enjoy their time at the Mobile Blackjack tables, they will earn Comp Points at the rate of one point for every £10 wagered, win or lose. When the tournament comes to an end, the total number of points earned by each participant will be calculated and the 25 players with the most points will win a cash prize, as follows:

1st place will win £200

2nd place will win £150

3rd place will win £120

4th place will win £100

5th place will win £80

6th place will win £60

7th place will win £40

8th place will win £30

9th place will win £25

10th place will win £20

11th to 15th place will win £15

16th to 25th place will win £10

Having explained exactly how this event will work and what you could win by getting involved, all that remains is for you to take part on Tuesday, have a go at winning some cash at the Mobile Blackjack tables and see if you can’t also grab a slice of the prize pool. Enjoy the tournament and good luck with your cards! Facebook

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