Mega Moolah Jackpot Lightning Strikes Again!

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Written by Ian Bruce
Published on Friday 13th October 2017, 10:07 am

Mega Moolah Jackpot Lightning Strikes Again!

Last week we brought you news that an online slots player had won the fifth biggest Microgaming jackpot in history. Well, today we can tell you that Mega Moolah jackpot lightning has struck again, because another player has managed to win £1,448,116 just six days later! The latest jackpot win was landed by a UK player at Betway using a mobile device, demonstrating that players can win life-changing sums even when they are out and about. All it takes is the willingness to play and a decent amount of luck!

Some readers might be wondering if it isn’t unusual for two progressive jackpots to be landed on the same game in the space of a single week, but the short answer is no. Every online slot machine operates according to carefully engineered algorithms to ensure that the game outcome is always random, so having two jackpot payouts occur in a short period of time is no more strange them having them occur several months apart.

Consider the scenario in which a man tosses a coin ten times in a row. The odds of the coin showing heads or tails on any given spin are exactly 1 in 2, but it is nevertheless quite possible for someone to toss the coin three times and get three heads or three tails in a row. That is because each toss of the coin is an independent event, and past results bear no influence on the outcome of events that will take place in the future.

The same principle applies with jackpot wins when playing online casino games. Just because the Mega Moolah game delivered its jackpot in one week doesn’t mean that it can’t deliver again the very next week, or even the very next day.

This is good news for players everywhere, because it means that they don’t necessarily have to wait for weeks or months for their next chance to win big. On the contrary, any given spin of the reels could deliver a massive cash prize.

‘Two hits and another instant millionaire made by Mega Moolah in less than a week!’ said David Reynolds, who is Games Publisher at Microgaming. ‘Congratulations to Betway and their player on this mega win.’

The Mega Moolah jackpot has a hefty £1 million base jackpot, and it has already started climbing in readiness for the next big winner, boasting a current value of more than £1.18 million. Play the game at Mr Green Casino or any other venue on the Microgaming platform for your own chance to land a Mega Moolah fortune, and good luck! Facebook

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