Licences Awarded to Casino 36 in Dudley

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Written by Ian Bruce
Published on Friday 8th September 2017, 9:55 am
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Casino Business

The new Casino 36 development in Dudley has been awarded licences for both 24-hour gambling and the sale of alcohol on its premises. This is good news for all of those involved in the £12 million project, which is relocating the Castle Hill Casino to larger premises at Castlegate Leisure Park, as it effectively assures them that they won’t have to concern themselves with there being any big surprises on that matter.

Whilst obtaining licences to serve alcohol and provide gambling services tends to be fully expected by casino developers, it is only when those permits have actually been approved that investors can truly relax about the future of a project. 

Although there is always the potential for a development to run into other kinds of difficulties, such as unforeseen problems with construction or local resistance to the presence of a new gambling venue, those matters don’t often stop a development in their tracks. Lack of a gambling licence, however, would leave development owners with little more than a very large building on their hands.

Dudley’s new Casino 36 venue is being created to attract fans of both casino and bingo games. The ground floor will provide a 450-seat bingo hall and the casino, which will be located on the first floor, will provide facilities for blackjack, roulette, slots gaming and more. 

The development was originally estimated to provide 72 jobs, but that figure has since been revised to ‘around 100’, so it will certainly be good news for workers. It should also be very good for the local economy, giving casino fans in Dudley a brand new venue and a wider range of games to explore.

Casino 36 is expected to open its doors to the public at some point in 2018. In the meantime, the existing Castle Hill Casino is still open for business, so do check it out if you happen to be in the area.

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