Legend of the Dragon Gate

chris brown
Written by Chris Brown
Published on Tuesday 24th February 2015, 9:22 am

Legend of the Dragon Gate

This is the first week of the Chinese New Year, and Virgin Casino is helping its players to celebrate with a Legend of the Dragon Gate promotion that runs until 23:59 this Thursday 26 February. The promotion boasts a prize pool of £2,000 guaranteed, and all you have to do to win a share of that cash is complete four separate tasks before the promotion ends. The good news is that none of the tasks are particularly challenging, so you can guarantee yourself a prize without much effort.

The Legend of the Dragon Gate is a reference to a tale from Chinese mythology which describes how carp can transform themselves into dragons by leaping the Yellow River falls at Dragon Gate in Longmen, Zhejiang. Every year, so the story goes, carp compete to see which of them can make the leap, and those that succeed end up soaring into the air as dragons.

Whilst you won't have the chance to fly like a dragon with this promotion, you could certainly help your Virgin Casino account balance to soar a little higher by winning a share of the £2,000 that is up for grabs. To do that you need to complete each of the following four tasks before 23:59 on Thursday 26 February:

#1 – Wager £10 or more on Pai Gow Poker

#2 – Wager £15 or more on Roulette

#3 – Wager £15 or more on Blackjack

#4 – Wager £10 or more on Baccarat

You can complete these tasks in any order you like, and you can complete them over several days or all on the same day. The vital requirement is to complete all of the tasks within the promotional period, and if you do that you will qualify for a share of the £2,000 prize pool.

How much each winning share of the prize pool will be depends on how many players participate in the promotion and manage to complete all four tasks in the time available. The value of a winning share will be sent by email to successful players and added to their account within 72 hours of Monday 2 March.

Interested? Then visit Virgin Casino today to find out more, and to start playing for the completion of your first Legend of the Dragon Gate task. Enjoy the event and good luck!

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