Hot as Hades 3D Slot Pushes Boundaries

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Written by Chris Brown
Published on Wednesday 8th July 2015, 9:11 am
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Casino New Games

Hot as Hades is a brand new slot game from Microgaming that is being launched today on Download, Flash and Quickfire platforms. Any new title from Microgaming is newsworthy, but what makes this one particularly so is the fact that it really does push the boundaries in terms of the audio-visual experience provided, with fantastic 3D graphics, gorgeous animations, an epic soundtrack and cinema-quality production values. Most of us are used to seeing slots titles based on Hollywood movies, but in this case we’d very much like to see a movie based on the slots game!

As you might have gathered from the title, Hot as Hades is loosely based on the character of Hades from Greek Mythology. The theme is explored for laughs, and the 3D rendered graphics have a definite comedic quality about them, with Hades himself sporting a head of flaming hair and a perpetual grin.

The game has 5 reels and 20 pay lines, and the story involves Hades and his three-headed dog Cerberus heading to Mount Olympus. You can randomly trigger a Super Mode Free Spins Feature at any time during the base game, and if you do that you will receive five free spins with three held Wild symbols and a 2x multiplier.

Get three or more Scatter symbols on the reels and you will embark on the Quest for the Crystal Helm. This is a pick-bonus trail of five levels in which Hades goes up against snake-haired Medusa, Poseidon and Zeus. As Hades travels to each destination you will see a mini-movie of the journey, and this is where the Hot as Hades title burns the brightest, with superbly rich visuals serving as eye-candy and different orchestral scores for each bonus level giving your ears a similar treat.

Mike Hebden, who is Head of Casino Games at Microgaming, is rightfully pleased about the launch of this new title. ‘We’re very proud of our Hot as Hades slot,’ he said. ‘We’ve combined a popular theme, the highest quality design work and a perfectly balanced slot engine to create what we believe is a flagship game. After months of hard work, we’re incredibly excited for the game’s launch and we hope our operators’ players enjoy playing the game as much as we enjoyed creating it!’

Hot as Hades really is a breakthrough game, and one that no self-respecting slots player can afford to ignore. Visit 32Red Casino to take its reels for a spin and good luck on your quest!

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