February Slots Club at Bet365 Casino

Published on Monday 27th January 2014, 2:21 pm

February Slots Club at Bet365 Casino

Bet365 Casino will be running a Slots Club promotion throughout the month of February, and we are telling you about the event now so that you can make whatever preparations are necessary to get involved from the outset and make the most of it. The promotion begins at 00:00 GMT this Saturday 1st February and runs right through to 23:59 GMT on Friday 28th February. 

The Slots Club promotion gives you the opportunity to win yourself a cash prize of up to £1,000 by playing slots games. With the exception of Multi Spin titles, all of the slots games available at Bet365 Casino can be played as part of this event, so you could focus on your favourite games, use the promotion as a good excuse to discover new ones or maybe even try to take down a progressive jackpot or two.

Before you can get involved in this promotion you must first Opt In via the Slots Club page at the Bet365 Casino website. When you have done that, start playing your choice of slots games and as you do so you will earn Comp Points according to your wagering activity. If you earn 50 Comp Points or more on 10 days or more throughout the month, you will win a cash prize. The more points you earn and the more days you earn them on, the bigger your prize will be.

The smallest prize that you can win in this promotion is worth £5, but you could win as much as £1,000 by earning 2,500 Comp Points per day for 25 days. Even if you only manage that feat on 10 days you will win £250, so if you fancy aiming high you can still pick up a fantastic prize should you fail to reach your target.

You can view the complete prize schedule – including details of what you need to achieve to win any given prize – at the Bet365 website. Opt In today if you intend to participate and good luck!

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