Easter Egg Challenge at 888 Casino

chris brown
Written by Chris Brown
Published on Thursday 10th April 2014, 9:15 am

Easter Egg Challenge at 888 Casino

Anyone who thought that Easter eggs were just for kids and chocoholics should think again because 888 Casino is currently running an Easter Egg Challenge promotion which gives players the chance to collect FreePlay for its Easter Bunnies slots game. This festive promotion runs until 23:59 GMT on Monday 21 April (which is Easter Monday) and you can claim one special bonus code per day, so if you get involved straight away you could grab yourself multiple codes before it ends.

The Easter Egg Challenge centres on a free online game that you can play instantly at the 888 Casino website. The game is very simple and involves moving a basket left and right to catch Easter eggs that are being dropped from the sky by an Easter bunny. Catch as many eggs as you can, but if you miss three the game is over. The size of your FreePlay bonus for the day will be determined by how well you do, so if you complete Level 1 you will get a Level 1 bonus, if you complete Level 2 you will get a Level 2 bonus, and so on.

The biggest bonus available is for participants who beat Level 7, and if you manage that you will receive a special code for a 70% FreePlay bonus on your deposit. The bonus has a maximum value of £100, but as we said earlier you are free to participate on a daily basis and get one new code each day, so the total value of bonuses available to you is even more impressive.

Your FreePlay bonus will be awarded within 72 hours of you making your qualifying deposit, and you will have up to 14 days to use it on the Easter Bunnies slots game mentioned earlier. If you haven't yet seen this game then you're in for a treat because it's a five reel video slots title with a fantastic interactive egg-collecting feature, free spins and more. Use your FreePlay bonus to spin the reels at the expense of the house and winning becomes even more satisfying!

We would never try to talk chocoholics out of enjoying edible Easter eggs at this time of year, but if you'd also fancy getting your hands on some festive FreePlay action, we think you'll love the Easter Egg Challenge at 888 Casino. Good luck with your egg collecting and we hope you win big!

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