Dirty Dancing Progressive Slot Goes Live

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Written by Ian Bruce
Published on Wednesday 12th July 2017, 1:52 pm
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Dirty Dancing Progressive Slot Goes Live

A progressive slot game based on the popular 1987 movie Dirty Dancing has been launched by Playtech. The game will be welcomed not only by those who like to explore new titles, but also by fans of the movie, who will be able to relive some of their favourite scenes and potentially win a fortune at the same time. With the movie celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, the timing of this launch has obviously been well thought out, and players will be pleased to hear that just as much effort has been invested in the game itself.

For anyone who hasn’t seen the original movie, Dirty Dancing is a coming of age story about Frances ‘Baby’ Houseman (played by Jennifer Grey), a teenager who rebels against her father by getting romantically involved with dance instructor Johnny Castle (played by the late Patrick Swayze). Reflecting the trend of its time, the movie boasted a massively popular soundtrack, and is perhaps best known for its iconic dance scene at the end, in which Frances and Johnny successfully perform a lift that had previously frustrated them because of its difficulty.

The Dirty Dancing progressive slot sticks closely to the movie which inspired it. Its five reels are populated by symbols that include a vinyl record, a radio, a convertible car, the main characters from the movie and the Dirty Dancing logo. The game also features movie segments and has been designed to be as easy on the ears as the original film was.

There are two jackpots that can be won in this game, and those are referred to as the Baby jackpot and the Johnny jackpot. A Whirling Wilds feature can award up to six random wilds on any spin of the reels, and players can also trigger free spins and a Dirty Dancing Jackpot Game.

Dirty Dancing is such an iconic brand that it was an obvious choice for us to transform into a leading branded slot,’ said James Frendo, who is Casino Director at Playtech. ‘The game is sure to be an instant hit with our licensees’ players both old and new.’

Over at Lionsgate, the company which owns the rights to the Dirty Dancing movie and which gave Playtech the licence to create the game, Peter Levin, who is President of Interactive Ventures and Games, was equally enthusiastic, saying: ‘Thirty years after its arrival, the original ‘nobody puts Baby in a corner’ Dirty Dancing remains a deeply memorable classic that helped define a generation of cinema. We’re proud to work with great partners like Playtech to leverage our unique properties to connect with fans around the world.’

Look out for the Dirty Dancing slot at Ladbrokes Casino and other venues which offer Playtech titles.

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