Croupier Admits Theft after Roulette Scam

Published on Tuesday 28th July 2015, 10:15 am
Posted in: Casino Crime

Casino Crime

A former croupier at a casino in Wolverhampton has pleaded guilty to theft by an employee after working with a customer to steal money. Shaun Pace was arrested on 5th January after a player tracking system aroused the suspicions of the compliance manager at the town’s Rubicon Casino.

Pace admitted to police that he had come to an agreement with a punter on the roulette table to let him win and then share the money. Money was paid out even when the customer had lost and Pace would give him over the odds if the gamble was successful, but the financial discrepancy was quickly spotted.

A police probe found that Pace had conned the casino out of £16,540 over the course of 119 transactions from 13th December to 1st January. Pace denied stealing any more than £12,000 from his employer and insisted that his personal share had been just £1,300.

Defence lawyer Mohammad Hafeez argued that Pace was now receiving help to give up the gambling addiction which had left him short of cash at an important time of the year. According to the Express and Star, Hafeez told Wolverhampton Crown Court: “He was desperate for money at the time of the theft. He has a gambling habit. He needed cash to buy some Christmas gifts for his children.”

Pace faces six months in prison if he falls out of line in the next 18 months, while he is also required to complete 80 hours of unpaid work. Since being sacked by the casino, the 27-year-old has found new employment which does not involve handling money.

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