Casino Loser Convicted of Killing Stranger

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Written by Chris Brown
Published on Wednesday 26th August 2015, 9:59 am
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Casino Crime

A Royal Navy worker who lost money at the Riverboat Casino in Glasgow has been convicted of killing a stranger with a single punch. Kallum Delaney, who is 20, had been playing roulette at the casino in September 2014 with his friend, Oliver James, and the session ended with Delaney nursing a loss of £1,000. He left the venue in a rage and took his anger out on stranger Robin Thomson. A single punch led to Mr Thomson hitting his head as he fell, and he died two days later in hospital.

Delaney told police that he had attacked Mr Thomson because he thought that the stranger was going to hit him, but the jury at Glasgow High Court, who saw CCTV footage of the defendant leaving the casino in what appeared to be a state of anger, weren’t convinced. Riverboat Casino employee Karen Turner described Delaney as ‘agitated’ as he chased losing bets with more bets and his deficit mounted. ‘He seemed upset,’ she said. ‘It seemed like he was in quite a bit of distress. I heard him say that he had lost £1,000.’

The friend who had visited the casino with Delaney described how the defendant refused to walk with him after they left. ‘By not wanting to walk with me, I could tell that he was annoyed with me,’ Mr James said. ‘He had said, “Why did you let me lose money?” The more he lost, the more bets he put on.’

Mr Thomson had also visited the casino that evening, and had been playing at the same roulette table as Delaney, but the court heard that there was no interaction between the two men. The CCTV footage showed Mr Thomson emerging from the casino as Delaney and Mr James were talking in the street outside.

Mr Thomson was walking along Midland Street when Delaney attacked him, and Mr James described what had happened. ‘As they walked along I saw Kallum hit him and he went down. Once Kallum had done it he looked shocked. I told him to go. I went over to the lad just expecting him to get up, but he was unconscious.’

The High Court jury found the defendant guilty of culpable homicide and Judge Lord Glennie extended Delaney’s bail until 17 September, when he will be sentenced.

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