British Men Jailed for Stealing €3.6 Million From the Casino de Monte-Carlo

Published on Tuesday 22nd December 2015, 10:27 am
Posted in: Casino Crime

Casino Crime

A group of three British men have been jailed in Monaco for stealing €3.6 million (currently worth £2.6 million) from the world famous Casino de Monte-Carlo. A court in the principality sentenced the men, who were all professional gamblers, to between ten and 30 months in prison for a scam that involved presenting chips worth just €10 (£7.34) as ones with a value of €1,000 (£734) at roulette tables.

The men took advantage of the chips at the tables not showing a face value, allowing them to surreptitiously take them away before returning and slipping them back into the action at a higher price. 

The ringleader from the latest sting was 49-year-old Sajid Rashid, who had previously served 14 months in prison having been caught cheating in casinos in the UK. Rashid is banned from a number of London gambling establishments and is known to have wagered under 28 aliases. Rashid and Qamir Hussain, 26, both admitted their guilt and will spend 30 months behind bars. Zahidul Haque Khan, 45, pleaded his innocence, claiming he had simply stepped out to smoke and find food when questioned on CCTV footage that showed him placing tokens in his pocket. Khan will serve 10 months.

All three men had been put up in a hotel for free by the public company that owns the casino, having managed to get away with their plot between April 2014 and June 2015 without being noticed.

The glamorous location has provided the backdrop to James Bond films Never Say Never Again and GoldenEye, as well as George Clooney-starring heist-flick Ocean’s 12 and has been subject to a number of attempts by individuals or groups looking to break the bank. 

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