Blackjack Dealer Accused of Cheating Casino out of $78,390

Published on Tuesday 1st December 2015, 10:43 am
Posted in: Casino Crime

Casino Crime

A dealer at the Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut has been accused of overpaying a blackjack player by more than $78,000. Roy Marlano appeared in court on Monday accused of slipping a black $100 chip into a stack of red $5 chips whenever Marlene Rivera won a hand.

Marlano, 52, and Rivera, 36, are both facing charges of first-degree larceny, with the dealer pleading not guilty and the player yet to disclose her plea. An investigation by the Mohegan Tribal Police, instigated by Tribal Gaming Commissioner Robert Bjork, saw the casino’s CCTV footage scrutinised, appearing to show Marlano making illicit payments amounting to $78,390 to Rivera on at least 16 occasions during August. Marlano was also witnessed sliding a $100 chip to Rivera underneath a card used to cut the deck.

During the investigation, Marlano claimed that Rivera instigated the sting, and he insisted he couldn’t recall the share of the overpayment he received. Rivera countered that Marlano had actually concocted the scam with her boyfriend and they had agreed to split the proceeds in half. Rivera said her boyfriend had originally received the payments at the table, but she had taken over from him.

She also insisted she regularly paid Marlano his cut as he left the casino floor at the end of his shift, but the investigation failed to uncover any footage of these transactions taking place. It was also reported that supervisors within the casino had been unaware of any scam taking place.

Marlano told New London Superior Court he had struggled for money since being reduced to working part-time hours at the casino in March. He claimed he needed the extra funds to support himself as he suffers from a disability.

Both defendants remain free on bond as the case against them continues.

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