Bet365 Mobile Roulette Tournament

chris brown
Written by Chris Brown
Published on Monday 21st April 2014, 8:42 am

Bet365 Mobile Roulette Tournament

Casino players who aren't exactly looking forward to going back to work after the Bank Holiday weekend can cheer themselves up with the prospect of winning a share of a £1,000 prize pool. This attractive opportunity is available thanks to a Mobile Roulette Tournament that will be taking place at Bet365 Casino this Tuesday 22 April. The event starts at 00:00 GMT and ends at 23:59 GMT, so unless you're unlucky enough to be working 24 hours straight this Tuesday you should be able to get involved and give yourself a shot at succeeding.

Those of you who want to participate in the Mobile Roulette Tournament will first need to make a deposit of £25 or more into your account during event hours. You can then start playing the featured game, which is European Roulette, at the Mobile Casino. For every £10 that you wager on the game you will earn one Comp Point, win or lose, and the aim is to earn as many Comp Points as you can before the tournament ends.

The £1,000 prize fund mentioned at the head of this news item will be shared between the 25 players who have earned the most Comp Points by the time the tournament reaches its conclusion. The size of the prize won will depend on your finishing position in the event, as follows:

1st place wins £200

2nd place wins £150

3rd place wins £120

4th place wins £100

5th place wins £80

6th place wins £60

7th place wins £40

8th place wins £30

9th place wins £25

10th place wins £20

11th to 15th place wins £15

16th to 25th place wins £10

Roulette enthusiasts who haven't yet tried playing the game at the Bet365 Mobile Casino will no doubt view this tournament as the perfect opportunity to change that situation. If you have an iPhone 3 or later (or an iPad) running iOS4 or later, or a device running Android 4 or later, you shouldn't have any problem playing on the move. Facebook

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