Bet365 First to Offer Playtech Native App

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Written by Ian Bruce
Published on Wednesday 21st September 2016, 9:36 am

Bet365 First to Offer Playtech Native App

Playtech has announced that Bet365 is the first operator to have gone live with its new native mobile casino application, which boasts loading speeds that are three times faster than those experienced via HTML5. The new app gives users access to more than 100 optimised titles across the whole range of casino game genres, allowing players to enjoy smooth and fluid performance on all mobile devices running iOS or Android.

The new application replaces one that was previously available, so players who already have the old app on their device can simply update it to experience the difference, which is considerable. It has certainly been welcomed by those who use it, and the app has earned five-star ratings as well as hundreds of reviews. Those who do not already have the previous version of the app can download the new one to their device from scratch by visiting their usual App Store.

Players who have used the older application will appreciate the new native lobby of the latest release, which makes it easier than ever for them to find the games they want to launch. Games can also be added to a favourites area for future use, and a new promotions area enables players to take advantage of the latest casino promotions direct from their mobile device.

Chief Operating Officer, Shimon Akad, explained Playtech’s motivation for overhauling its mobile offering. ‘Research, including a recent Nielsen report, suggests that 89% (vs. 11% browser) of time on mobile is spent in-app, supporting the theory that native apps are what players want to use when gaming.

‘Playtech has invested significantly in native technologies, backing up our strategy to provide the best solutions for our partners and their players. The instant and sticky native play functionality and new features will ensure our licensees can drive player values and make our new app the best on the market today.’

Speaking for Bet365, Chief Executive Officer and Head of Gaming, Christian Bogstrand, said: ‘We have worked closely with Playtech on the development of the new Casino native app, ensuring we provide high quality content with a much faster and improved gaming experience.’

Further information about the new app and how to use it can be found by visiting the Mobile page at the Bet365 Casino website. Facebook

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