Bet365 Blackjack Bonanza

chris brown
Written by Chris Brown
Published on Wednesday 12th November 2014, 9:52 am

Bet365 Blackjack Bonanza

Blackjack players who enjoy spending some time at online tables may want to set aside a few hours to do that this Saturday 15 November so that they can participate in the Blackjack Bonanza event at Bet365 Casino. Blackjack Bonanza is a wagering tournament that offers £5,000 in prize money, and that sum will be shared between 200 participants, with the outright winner taking a cool £500. That wouldn't be a bad sum to win in a day by any means, and if you get lucky at the Blackjack game itself you could obviously win a whole lot more.

The tournament this Saturday starts at 00:00 GMT and runs through to 23:59 GMT. You need to Opt In and make a deposit of £25 or more into your account to participate, and although you can Opt In right now you will need to make your deposit within the promotional hours stated a moment ago. When both tasks have been ticked off your to-do list, you can get down to the far more exciting business of playing one of the world's most popular casino games.

There are several forms of Blackjack that can be played at the Bet365 Casino, and for the purposes of this promotion you can choose from Blackjack, Blackjack 3-Hand, Blackjack 5-Hand, Blackjack Pro and Live Blackjack. Of course, if you want to play a mixture of these varieties instead of focusing on just one of them then you can do so.

As you play your chosen Blackjack games you will earn Comp Points at the rate of one point for every £10 that is wagered. Your aim is to earn as many Comp Points as possible, with a view to finishing the tournament with a top 200 position on the leaderboard. The higher your finishing position, the bigger your prize can be, as illustrated by the prize schedule below:

Rank 1st to win £500

Rank 2nd to win £350

Rank 3rd to win £300

Rank 4th to win £250

Rank 5th to win £200

Rank 6th to win £140

Rank 7th to win £120

Rank 8th to win £100

Rank 9th to win £80

Rank 10th to win £60

Rank 11th to 20th to win £40

Rank 21st to 30th to win £30

Rank 31st to 40th to win £25

Rank 41st to 50th to win £20

Rank 51st to 100th to win £15

Rank 101st to 200th to win £10

The chance to win up to £500 on top of your regular online Blackjack profits doesn't come along every day, so when events such as this are announced it is always worth paying attention. Visit Bet365 Casino to Opt In and good luck in the tournament! Facebook

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