Are Virtual Reality Casinos the Next Big Thing?

matt makowski
Written by Matt Makowski
Published on Tuesday 9th August 2016, 12:30 pm

Are Virtual Reality Casinos the Next Big Thing?

Casino gaming has evolved tremendously over recent years, with the demand for better visuals and an immersive experience now at the top of the list of players’ expectations. As virtual reality technology has improved, it now seems that the two markets could be brought together to further enhance the user experience for online casino gamers.

Virtual reality technology has now reached a stage where it can be designed for gamers, and online casino operators now seem keen to utilise this in their products through the use of wearable headsets. One company ready to explore the possibilities that virtual reality headsets can offer is Microgaming. The software development giant rolled out their first virtual reality game in February of this year, providing a demo of the device at ICE Totally Gaming 2016. The game transports players into a 3D virtual universe using the Oculus Rift DK2 headset with Leap Motion and allows them to play roulette on a table in outer space. With the technology used for these devices now leaping forward at at an outstanding pace, players are being told to brace themselves for this latest trend to hit the wider marketplace very soon.           

Roulette could be the first of many games set to be unveiled by gambling companies, with blackjack, baccarat and casino hold’em looking like the most logical routes for progression for Microgaming. Should the technology become more widely available in the future, much like mobile and tablet devices are at present, virtual reality headsets could become part of everyday life for online casino enthusiasts.  

At this moment in time, virtual reality headsets remain very costly, with some units costing several hundreds of pounds, so the technology may be a little out of the price range of many players at the moment. However, in terms of going mainstream with this fresh approach to gaming, Microgaming may be a lot closer to a breakthrough than first thought with Facebook recently acquiring Oculus Rift, the same company used by the Isle of Man-based company, in a deal worth $2 billion. Couple this with increased competition from HTC’s collaboration with Valve, and casino enthusiasts from around the globe may be able to immerse themselves in a 3D gaming environment sooner than they think. Facebook

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