888 Live Casino Lottery

chris brown
Written by Chris Brown
Published on Tuesday 16th September 2014, 8:21 am

888 Live Casino Lottery

Anyone who thinks that they need to buy themselves a lottery ticket before they can have a chance of winning a prize should think again because the 888 Live Casino Lottery that takes place every Saturday night is quite different. Instead of making players buy lottery tickets, the venue awards them for free to players who play any Live Casino game between the Wednesday of one week and 23:59 GMT on the following Wednesday.

One free lottery ticket can be earned each day by playing at the 888 Live Casino, and players who take full advantage of this rule and play on all seven days of the week will receive three extra tickets, bringing their total number of tickets to ten. This being the case, anyone who wants to maximise their chances of success in the lottery would do well to make sure they play at the Live Casino on a daily basis, even if it's just for a few minutes, to ensure that they get the ticket for each day.

In addition to having at least one ticket for the lottery, you also need to be logged into your account (at 888 Casino, 888 Poker or 888 Sport) when the draw takes place in order to have a chance of winning. The 888 Live Casino Lottery is held at 20:00 GMT every Saturday at the 888EXTRA Blackjack table, so be sure to put a note of that in your diary until you have established the habit of logging in on Saturday evenings as a matter of course.

Each lottery game has ten cash prizes which add up to a minimum value of £3,000, as follows:

- One top prize of £1,000 or more. This prize will roll over to the next draw if it isn't won, giving you more to play for on the following Saturday.

- One second prize of £400.

- Eight third prizes of £200 each.

Although these sums aren't big enough to put the likes of Lotto and EuroMillions out of business, they are certainly worth winning, especially when you consider the fact that tickets are awarded at no cost to players who need do nothing more than enjoy some time at the Live Casino tables. Win any of the cash prizes on offer and your account will be credited within 72 hours. You can then choose to cash out your prize or leave it in your account to enjoy more time playing your favourite games.

As you can see, participating in this unique lottery game is as simple and cost-free as it gets, so head over to the 888 Live Casino today to earn your first ticket, good luck at the tables and good luck in the draw!

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