12 Levels of Christmas at Bet365 Casino

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Written by Chris Brown
Published on Tuesday 9th December 2014, 8:33 am
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Casino Leisure

You've heard of the 12 Days of Christmas, but over at Bet365 Casino right now there is a festive promotion running that gives you the chance to progress through 12 Levels of Christmas, and each of those levels is associated with a different prize. The highest level of all will give you your choice of a Jaguar F-Type, a Porsche Cayenne, a BMW 6 Series or a £60,000 cash alternative, so if you like the idea of driving around in style next year, this is definitely a promotion to participate in!

The 12 Levels of Christmas event runs until 23:59 GMT on Sunday 28 December, and all you have to do to get involved is Opt In and make a deposit of £100 or more. When you have done that, play games to earn Comp Points in the usual manner. Most of the games at Bet365 Casino are allowed for promotional purposes, but a handful are not, so you should take a look at the Terms and Conditions on the 12 Levels of Christmas page at the Ladbrokes Casino website to make yourself aware of those.

As you play the non-excluded games, the Comp Points that you earn will stack up. Your goal is to earn as many points as you can, and the number of points that you have when the promotion ends will determine your Level for prize award purposes. The prizes get better the higher the Level you achieve, and you could win anything from a £25 Bonus at Level 1 to a Paris Lunch Cruise at Level 5 or a 1kg Gold Bullion Bar at Level 11. Reach Level 12 and, as we said in our introduction, you get to choose one of the three luxury cars or take a cash alternative of £60,000. 

All players who reach Level 3 or higher when the promotion ends will be entered into a free prize draw to win a BMW Z4 Roadster, so you could win yourself a nice ride even if you don't make it to the very top of the Christmas tree. Of course, if you can win yourself a car under your own steam by earning enough points to make it to Level 12, so much the better!

Visit Bet365 Casino to Opt In to the 12 Levels of Christmas promotion today and start earning yourself those all-important Comp Points. Enjoy the festive fun and good luck!

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