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Whether it’s a burning question about what to wear to a real life casino or how goes about ranking online casino sites, this is the place to come to find answers. Click on the questions below to reveal each answer.

Online Casino FAQs

Online Casinos

  • Is it safe to play at online casinos?

    All of the casinos featured on are licensed by the Gambling Commission in the UK as well as by the regulatory authorities in the territory in which their operations are based. As such, they have to work within a strict set of rules and have a duty to protect the security of players and their financial details.

  • Are online casino games fixed or rigged?

    No reputable company will rig or fix casino games in order to stop them paying large amounts to customers. In fact, the casinos featured on all utilise a random number generator (RNG), which ensures that outcomes of games are entirely random.

    Most casinos will even have their RNG audited by an independent company to further satisfy their obligation for transparency and fairness.

  • What is the house edge?

    The house edge is the percentage of their stake that a player is expected to lose over time on a specific game or bet. This is calculated by taking the odds of the player winning and subtracting the odds of them losing, then dividing the result to determine a percentage.

    For example, if you bet a single pound on black in a game of European roulette, you have 18 chances to hit a black number and win (18/37). However there are also 18 red numbers and the zero, which mean you have 19 chances to lose (19/37). So the sum works out as 18/37 - 19/37 which equals -1/37, or -2.7%.

    This means that, with your bet, the casino’s chances of winning are 2.7% better than yours and, over the course of time, theoretically you will come out 2.7% worse off and they will profit.


  • What is the RTP?

    RTP means Return to Player and is another way of displaying the house edge, but in a more positive way. In the example above the house edge means that you will lose 2.7%, while RTP will state that you are likely to win 97.3% over time.

  • Which casino games are the easiest to win?

    Table and card games tend to have the best odds in the casino, with blackjack providing the best chance of a win. The house edge in that game is just 0.5% on a standard game, with craps your second best shot at a house advantage of less than one percent on games with double odds.

    RTPs for slot games may vary between games, and many casinos publish the information on their site so you can calculate your risk before you play.


  • Will I need to download software to play at an online casino?

    Most online casinos offer a variety of ways in which you can play their slots and table games - usually instant play on the website using Flash, on mobile or tablet and through a download. The download option tends to offer the largest selection of games, but you will find that there will still be plenty to keep you entertained if you take one of the other options. Some casinos do not have a download option at all.

  • Can I use my mobile phone or tablet to play at online casinos?

    All of the casinos featured on offer the option to play their games on a mobile or tablet browser site or app. Read the online casino reviews to find out about which casinos work on which platforms and how many games there are available to play.

  • How do I deposit funds at an online casino?

    There are a variety of methods by which you can deposit funds into your online casino account, from various e-wallet brands such as Skrill, Paypal and Neteller to debit and credits cards and even bank transfers.’s online casino reviews features information on each casino’s accepted methods of payment to help you decide where to play to best suit your needs.

  • How long does it take to receive my winnings?

    How long it takes to cash out your balance is dependent on which method you used to deposit, whether that deposit has cleared, whether you have verified your age and address and whether you have met the wagering requirements of any bonus which you have used.

  • What is a welcome bonus?

    A welcome bonus is designed to reward new members of an online casino by promising to match their first deposit (or sometimes first few deposits) up to a certain percentage with extra bonus credit. You can use this credit to play games, but it will be subject to certain wagering requirements before you can withdraw any winnings.

  • What are wagering requirements?

    Wagering requirements on a bonus mean that the amount has to be played through a certain number of times before you can claim any prizes. The number of times that the amount has to be wagered changes depending on the casino, so make sure you read the Bonuses and Promotions section in the online casino reviews to find out about individual sites and their wagering requirements.

  • Do online casinos have withdrawal limits?

    You will find daily, weekly and monthly withdrawal limits are set by individual casinos and will vary between operators.

  • Can I play casino games for free?

    Most casinos offer the chance to practise your skills at a variety of games using a free play or practice play option. This allows you to get used to the action before depositing and playing for cash.

Real Casino FAQs

Real Casinos

  • What is a rogue or blacklisted casino?

    Rogue or blacklisted casinos are those which receive the most complaints and do nothing to help the customers facing difficulties. Whether it is problems over withdrawing winnings or any other issues, you can find a list of those casinos to avoid at the Blacklisted Casinos page.

  • How old do I need to be before I can play at a land based casino?

    The minimum age for playing casino games is 18, although some casinos require customers to be 21 to become members at their establishment.

  • Will I need ID to join a casino?

    Most casinos will require you to become a member in order to play their games so you will need to take ID with you to verify your name, address, age and other details.

  • Is there a dress code for casinos?

    Most casinos aren’t black-tie affairs - smart casual is required in many venues, which means that you should avoid turning up in trainers, ripped clothes, hats or your football kit if you want to get in through the door. For more upmarket places, such as Crockfords in Mayfair, men will need to don suits or tuxedos and women should wear evening gowns or cocktail dresses. Check with the casino you want to visit before your arrival to avoid disappointment!

  • Do I have to become a member to play at casinos?

    Not all casinos require you to sign up as a member, but many do. Check with the real casino reviews section for details of whether your chosen casino has an open door policy or not.

  • How do I become a member at a casino?

    Simply visit the casino in order to apply to become a member. You may have to do so a certain amount of time before you are allowed to start playing, so check with the individual business. Some casinos will allow you to apply to be a member online - you can find more details in the real casino reviews section.

  • How much does it cost to become a member of a casino?

    Most casinos offer free membership to entice players in but some may charge a fee. To find out which casinos you will have to pay to become a member of, visit the real casino reviews section.

  • What is the minimum stake at a casino?

    The minimum and maximum stakes at casinos vary between games and establishments. They can also fluctuate throughout the day, and on weekends an increase in the minimum stake requirements can be common at many venues.

  • Will I receive free food and drinks?

    Some casinos will provide freebies for players who are spending money at the tables and slots to encourage them to keep playing. If you get peckish and they are not offering this service, there will usually be a menu available from which you can buy refreshments. Most casinos also have their own bars and restaurants where you can relax and have a drink and a snack in between games.

  • Where do I buy chips and withdraw my winnings?

    You will need to find the cashier, who will exchange your money for chips which you can use at the table. They will also buy your chips back from you when you leave.

    In many casinos you can also lay cash on the roulette or card tables, which the dealer will then convert to chips. If you’d like to cash out, then the dealer will also swap them for cash chips.

  • Can I smoke in a casino?

    You cannot smoke inside public buildings under UK law, but most casinos will have a designated smoking area on the premises.

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