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Founded in 2009 as a way of revolutionising the traditional fantasy sports model, FanDuel is a company with offices in the USA and Scotland which offers players the chance to play daily contests for the chance to win big prizes on a regular basis.

● Daily fantasy betting is on offer in sports such as American football, basketball, baseball and ice hockey.

● $2 billion is set to be paid out in prizes in 2015, with regular promotions and bonuses also available.

● A FanDuel Insider feature provides handy tips and videos for players with different levels of experience.

FanDuel players have two methods for withdrawing their winnings; they can either use PayPal or opt for a cheque. PayPal withdrawals can be made using the same account as you made your deposit from and will be processed within 48 hours or the next business day if done over the weekend. Cheque withdrawals can take approximately 7 to 10 days.

The service offered by FanDuel is considered a game of skill rather than luck, operates in full compliance with US federal and state laws and can be played in the USA and Canada by anyone of a legal age (19 in Alabama and Nebraska, otherwise 18). However, customers from Arizona, Iowa, Louisiana, Montana and Washington are not eligible to play.

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Launched in 2009 to freshen up the way fantasy sports were played, FanDuel’s innovative service quickly began to dominate the North American market as fans were able to enjoy daily games for the first time. Removing the enormous time commitment of long-established fantasy competitions which take place over the course of a season, FanDuel provides an exciting choice for anyone looking at an alternative to sports betting. It has continued to be a huge success despite the emergence of rivals such as DraftKings and has forged partnerships with many professional sports teams whilst also picking up a string of notable awards, such as the People’s Choice for the Best Mobile Sports App in the Webby Awards.

FanDuel Contests

FanDuel players can enjoy all of the top US sports, including the NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL, as well as college football and college basketball, while eSports are also available through associated site Alpha Draft. All you have to do on FanDuel is pick a contest from the lobby and start competing against other players for the chance to win prizes. Tournaments offer guaranteed big-money prize pools depending on where you finish, Leagues let you face a smaller number of competitors, while Head-to-Heads are one-on-one contests where the winner takes all. There are also Multipliers giving players the chance to win up to five times their money and 50/50s, where everyone finishing in the top half of the field wins. You can also create your own contests, letting you combine your love of sports with the thrill of competing against other site users.

Entry fees for contests range from just $1 up to thousands of dollars, with the potential prize pool increasing as you fork over more cash to join the fun. It’s an exhilarating test of sports knowledge and betting skills that could net you excellent returns.

How FanDuel Works

FanDuel involves pitting your wits against other players by predicting how you think sports performers will fare in real-life events on any given day, or in the case of some contests, over the space of a week. Everyone has an equal chance as all the sports stars are given a value and you just have to stay within the specified salary cap as you select your team. This means you don’t have to worry about losing players to injury like you would in a season-long fantasy competition, so it comes down to how accurately you can estimate what will happen. You can make changes to your line-up right up until the last minute and the scoring system is all laid out. There is a wide range of ways to score points in each sport so the rewards are there for players who have a deep knowledge of their chosen event.


The design of the site is smart without being particularly striking, but the homepage clearly lays out how simple it is to play and what prizes can be won, while endorsements from site users immediately tells visitors what a respected service they have found. FanDuel also prominently displays the fact that the site has been featured in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and Sports Illustrated. After logging in, the site is easy to navigate, with a lobby showing thousands of open contests at any given time so you can jump straight into the action.


FanDuel offers a number of slick features to add to a player’s enjoyment, such as being able to track contests live to see whether you are on course for a big win. Many of the contests are also multi-entry, so you can select more than one team to boost your chances of success. Alternatively, you may prefer to avoid such contests if you feel that they are being clogged up by players with more than one entry.

The FanDuel Insider feature provides all the big stories and news of any injuries, plus lots of helpful videos offering tips and lively debate on all the latest developments. There is also a podcast section and a very handy ‘how to play’ area for players with different levels of experience on FanDuel. The ability to challenge friends via email, Facebook or Twitter will be welcomed by many, and if you have any problems at all on FanDuel there is a good support system including a live chat facility.


FanDuel can be played easily via tablet and phone as well as on desktop, allowing users to join contests or select teams wherever they are. The mobile offering is just as smooth as it is on the full site and means that players can also keep up to date with their progress whilst they are on the move. Apps are available for iPhone and iPad as well as for Android.

FanDuel Promotions and Bonuses

There is a welcome bonus for FanDuel players which is earned gradually as you enter paid contests. The rate is 4% of the entry fee so if you enter a $25 contest, you will receive a deposit bonus of $1. The more you play, the more FanDuel Points (FDPs) you will also earn, which can then be used to enter paid contests.

There are always various promotions on offer, such as the chance to win a FanDuel Fantasy Car or one of 70 trips to Los Angeles, while there is also a refer-a-friend scheme which will make you money every time the person you recruit pays an entry fee. FanDuel even runs charity promotions, such as special contests designed to raise money for breast cancer research in the month of October.

There is also a Money Back Guarantee which applies to your first game, but the real attraction of FanDuel is the regularity with which you can win prizes. There is set to be $2 billion paid out in 2015 and funds are credited to your account instantly.


FanDuel is an excellent site for fantasy sports players who want to feel the buzz of playing regularly. There are a range of fantastic features and the staggering number of contests available means there is a chance to win prizes every day. It is easy to see why FanDuel has enjoyed so much success so quickly, and the only dilemma now will be how they wish to go about expanding outside of North America and give players in other countries the chance to enjoy an even bigger number of sports.

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