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DraftHero offers a refreshingly simple route into the world of fantasy sports, priding itself on allowing you to pick a team within 30 seconds of landing on the site.


● Simple, clear design making it easy to pick your team and enter a contest.

● Live updates of team standings and player performances.

● A large choice of different contests.

● Limited number of sports on offer.

● Disappointing mobile site.

Deposit methods: Paypal, Visa, Mastercard and American Express are all accepted methods of payment at DraftHero.

Withdrawal methods: It takes up to two business days to withdraw funds by credit or debit card, with Paypal withdrawals available sooner, if the account has been authenticated.

Players must be a citizen or resident of the US and be at least 18-years-old (19 years of age in Nebraska or Alabama).

Citizens of Arizona, Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Hawaii, Iowa, Illinois, Louisiana, Montana, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Vermont or Washington cannot use the services offered by DraftHero.

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DraftHero is staking its claim for a share of an industry it reckons will be worth $1.2 billion by 2020. The site eschews weekly or season-long contests in favour of daily fantasy sports games, with prize pools running into the thousands of dollars. You will find entry fees ranging from free taster sessions up to hundreds of dollars for head-to-head battles, live updates on your squad’s performance, as well as a regularly-updated blog offering insight that may or may not aid your selections.

It prides itself on the speed with which users can draft their team of five players, boasting that it is possible to complete in under 30 seconds. However, serious competitors might like to take a more considered approach. 


The focus at DraftHero is on the big American leagues, with fantasy games available for American football, basketball, baseball and ice hockey fixtures in the NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL respectively. The site doesn’t offer the range that you will find at a big hitter like DraftKings, but DraftHero was created with the intention of keeping things simple, and concentrating on providing a good service for a small number of sports certainly fits with that ethos.

DraftHero Contests

Within each sport you can play in one of six different types of contest. For a variety of different entry fees, and with varying prize pools, you can play games where you need to have one of the four highest point-yielding teams, finish in the top twenty, come first in a large field, beat one other contestant in a head-to-head, end up in the top half of the standings or simply play for fun, for free.

How DraftHero Works

DraftHero is built upon the premise that everything should be as quick and simple to play as possible. There are no salary caps or budgets to contend with, you are just asked to pick one player from a choice of five in each of five different positions. It is the same format for all the featured sports, which keeps things uniform and avoids any confusion.

The players in your team score points for performing various actions within real-life fixtures on a designated day, with the teams within each contest ranked in a league table. The point-scoring system is laid out on the site, although an excessive use of abbreviations means you will need a good knowledge of the sports in question to fully understand how it is that your players will win you the cash prizes.

You can tinker with your team until roughly ten minutes before the first fixture begins and you can follow the action live on the site, with your players’ performances being updated as the drama unfolds.


DraftHero’s simplicity is its strong suit - you are instantly met with a list of the contests available, the entry fee and the prize pot. There are no hoops to jump through, there is little to distract you and everything looks tidy on desktop and easy to understand.

When you choose to enter a contest, you find pictures of the players available for selection, lined up in their positions. You can merely skim through them, clicking the five players you’d like in your team in a matter of seconds, or you can bring up various simple, helpful graphs which will fill you in on their past performance if you’d like to be a little more analytical about your decision making.

The desktop site looks great, with a few decent graphics complementing the basic, modern design without overpowering it. On mobile everything seems much more squashed together, particularly in the team-picking screen, which is a real shame.


There is a decent blog, called the Hotzone, which keeps users up to date with latest developments as well as offering interesting opinion pieces. It would be a worthy bookmark for fans of American sports even if it wasn’t connected to DraftHero.

The real-time player stats and leaderboard standings are something that the company is keen to push and it certainly does make for an exciting prospect for fans watching the actual games on television, especially considering today’s ‘second-screen’ culture.

Other than that, there are not many features to speak of and that seems to be entirely on purpose. In many ways, this is like a social game rather than a traditional betting site. It is easy enough to pick up, place your wagers and then return to check the results, without having to immerse yourself too deeply in the machinations of the gameplay.


The mobile site is a little disappointing, taking a significant amount of time to respond to screen taps and feeling far more cluttered than the desktop site. Some of the navigation is a little sticky at points, with the ‘Play Now’ button flickering on and off in an irritating manner as you scroll through the team selection screen.

An app is available in the US for iOS users, but the Android version is no longer available from Google Play.

DraftHero Promotions and Bonuses

DraftHero offers a first deposit bonus of 100 percent, released in increments of five percent of each stake that you make. For instance, if you played in a $10 contest, you would receive $0.50 of your bonus. Other than that, there are not many more offers available on the site, although there are some promo codes floating about online that will bag you a 200 percent deposit bonus. You must play your bonus through five times to withdraw any winnings.

You can earn a referral fee of up to 40 percent of the amount staked by players you have sent to the site. To reach this level, you would have to refer two new players every 30 days, with all of your referrals cumulatively spending over $5,000. However, at the basic level, you can receive 20 percent of the money played by your friends, even if you never refer another customer.


DraftHero perfectly fulfills its aim to offer a slick, easy-to-use service on desktop. You can be taking part in a freeroll game within seconds of arriving on the site, which is the perfect way to discover whether this is the place for you.

It only offers daily games and you can only choose five players to represent you, whichever sport you pick, but that will suit many people down to the ground. If you want something more involved, there are other options out there, but this is simple, fun and quick. If only the mobile site worked a little better, this would be the perfect, basic fantasy sports solution.

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