Great British Summer Weather Betting

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Written by Ian Bruce
Published on Monday 3rd April 2017, 12:15 pm
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Great British Summer Weather Betting

April is here, the days are growing noticeably longer and the nation is already looking forward to the prospect of enjoying a Great British Summer. Whether or not that prospect turns out to be unreasonably optimistic remains to be seen, but bettors who hold a view on the matter can have a go at turning their meteorological predictions into profit thanks to a range of weather-related markets that are currently being offered by bookmaker William Hill.

There are three markets that can be found in the Weather Specials section of the William Hill website at the time of writing, and the first of those asks bettors to decide if the current UK record summer temperature of 38.5 degrees celsius will be broken. Those who think that it will can get odds of 9/1 if they are right, but when one considers that the current record was set more than a decade ago – on 10 August, 2003, to be precise – we don’t think that the bookies will be too worried about going broke from this particular opportunity.

Another market at William Hill offers odds of 10/1 about the UK summer temperature exceeding 100 degrees fahrenheit. That equates to a fraction over 37.77 degrees celsius, so winning this bet looks actually a tad easier than in the previous market, even though the odds are one point bigger. We think that it would still be a brave bettor who chooses to put his money on the summer temperature reaching this level, but anyone who disagrees with that sentiment would make a handsome profit if they are right.

As far as we are concerned, the most appealing of the Great British Summer betting markets at William Hill is the one which allows us to predict which month will have the warmest day in the UK of 2017. We like this market because one of the months is sure to win, so bettors have a very fair shot at landing a winning wager.

The months available to bet on for the warmest day of the year are May, June, July, August, September and October to December inclusive. July is the 7/4 favourite, with August offered at 15/8, and although the two months might be tricky to separate according to the odds, July is typically the month which sees the highest temperature and looks to be a worthy favourite. Of course, at the odds currently available, bettors could place an equal bet on each of July and August and make an overall profit if either of the two turn out to be the winner.

We will have to wait and see whether or not the Great British Summer boasts a temperature that exceeds 100 degrees Fahrenheit, or perhaps even sets a new record, but we wouldn’t mind at all if our scepticism on those matters turns out to be unwarranted. Visit William Hill today to make your own summer weather predictions and good luck with your bets!

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