Bookmakers Name Top Town For Football Accumulators

lewis rutledge
Written by Lewis Rutledge
Published on Wednesday 21st December 2016, 3:11 pm
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Ladbrokes have congratulated football fans in Warrington after the town came out on top of a list of the most successful locations in the UK for accumulator bets. The new data takes into account the proportion of football accumulators with payouts of over £5,000 so far this season, based on stakes of less than £50.

Warrington has emerged as a hotbed for shrewd punters, with one lucky bettor winning £15,345 from a £15 wager placed at a Ladbrokes branch in the town centre. Ellesmere Port, The Rhondda in South Wales and Wolverhampton were next on the list, while Southampton was the only member of the top ten to have a Premier League club in the area.

“Football fans in Warrington must be doing their homework. Accumulator aficionados there clearly have the magic touch when it comes to big wins, with more big stake coupons cashed in there than in nearly any other part of the country,” said a Ladbrokes spokesman in the Warrington Guardian.

It was also revealed that the most popular winning sides in football accumulators this term have been Celtic, Newcastle United, Chelsea and Bolton Wanderers, while Manchester United, Everton and Norwich City have proved to be the least successful.

Accumulators are a popular option as they give bettors the chance to win some huge returns without risking large stakes. The new report highlights some incredible stories of punters who have beaten astronomical odds to win massive payouts, including a customer from Barnet who turned a £2 stake into £34,387.

There will be more opportunities for punters across the UK to win accumulators over the busy festive period, and it could just be that Warrington gets bumped off the top spot by your town when the next list is released.

TOP 10: Most football accumulator payouts over £5,000 (biggest payout in region)

1. Warrington (£15,345 from £15)

2. Ellesmere Port (£23,918 from £3)

3. The Rhondda, South Wales (£9,643 from £2)

4. Wolverhampton (£6,018 from 60p)

5. Barnet (£34,387 from £2)

6. Burton-on-Trent (£15,628 from £15)

7. Stockton-on-Tees (£9,968 from £20)

8. Shoreham-by-Sea, East Sussex (£32,450 from £5)

9. Bolton (£12,220 from £2)

10. Southampton (£7,456 from £5)

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