Win a Share of £300,000 at Foxy’s Jackpot Grotto

Published on Monday 15th December 2014, 1:26 pm
Posted in: Bingo Promotions

Win a Share of £300,000 at Foxy’s Jackpot Grotto

Foxy’s getting into the festive spirit with the £300,000 Jackpot Grotto! Every day from now until 31st December, you can take part in special bingo games that could net you a tidy cash prize. The room opens at 9.00am and closes at 1.00am UK time and cards start at just 5p - what a bargain! Even better, Foxy will be sweeping through every ten minutes with a lovely gift for lucky players.

Cash prizes range in value from £50 to £200, and picking up a little gift from Father Foxy could really brighten up your holiday. During a time when money drains rapidly from bank accounts across the country, winning £50, £100 or £200 could cover some of the little costs that always pop up in December.

There’s over £10,000 up for grabs every single day and the promotion has been running since the beginning of the month, so don’t wait - head over to Foxy Bingo today and buy your tickets for these very festive games.

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