Tombola Bingo Plans for New £5 Million Headquarters

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Written by Lewis Rutledge
Published on Tuesday 5th July 2016, 10:02 am
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Tombola Bingo Plans for New £5 Million Headquarters

Tombola chief executive Phil Cronin has outlined the company’s vision for building a new state-of-the-art headquarters in Sunderland, which the company hopes will help the bingo site to grow from strength to strength. Tombola already has a base in the city, but the proposed new 25,000 sq ft office will create a ‘campus’ at Wylam Wharf and Cronin believes that having such a great working environment will only benefit his team.

Tombola is one of the largest employers of game and web developers in the North East, boasting a workforce of 210 staff members in Sunderland, but Cronin recognises the need to keep pushing forward to make the company’s service as impressive as possible. He told the Sunderland Echo:  “Originating and developing the best gaming software means attracting and retaining the best talent in a growing and highly competitive market. Providing world-class facilities for our team – and future employees – will help us achieve this.”

Ryder Architecture landed a contract to build the new £5 million headquarters after winning a design competition and Cronin has expressed his excitement about the ‘timeless quality’ of the planned building, which has retained a link to the area’s industrial heritage.

Ronnie Graham, who led the bid made by the Ryder team, added: “We’ve worked closely together to create a campus environment on the site. The design incorporates a transparent east façade which reinforces the building’s connection with the riverside and adjacent Rose Line building, and a ground floor dedicated to social and support accommodation including a bistro, gym and a large central atrium.”

Sunderland Council are now in the process of reviewing the planning application, but it is reported that the new building could be completed by September or October 2017 if the project is given the green light.

The plans demonstrate the ambition of a bingo site which has always stood out from the crowd by having an in-house design team as opposed to using external software platforms. Tombola Bingo offers a great range of fun games and generates a strong community spirit, so you can  take a look at the site today and keep an eye out for further new ideas down the road as the company prepares for expansion.

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