Tipping Point Exclusive to Sky Bingo

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Written by Ian Bruce
Published on Thursday 9th March 2017, 10:28 am
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Tipping Point Exclusive to Sky Bingo

Bingo players who are also fans of the television game show Tipping Point will be interested to hear that Sky Bingo is currently hosting an exclusive Tipping Point Bingo game, with free bingo sessions scheduled for every night of the week. The free Tipping Point Bingo sessions run from 8pm until 9pm, and players can get involved in ten free games per night which will award a total of £1,000 in bingo bonuses. Tickets for pay-to-play Tipping Point games cost no more than 25p, and offer guaranteed cash prizes, with up to £8,000 up for grabs every day.

For the benefit of readers who aren’t familiar with Tipping Point, it is a game show which first aired on ITV in July 2012 and is currently in its seventh series, not including three series of Tipping Point: Lucky Stars, which is a slightly different celebrity version of the format. The original game involves four contestants who answer general knowledge questions in order to win counters. Those counters are then used by contestants to play an oversized coin pusher game (as one might find in family amusement arcades around the UK) in an effort to win cash and other prizes.

It is a simple concept for a game show, but that is part of its appeal, and now online bingo players can experience the thrill of tipping a win for themselves by participating in Tipping Point Bingo. This is a 40-ball game, and each ball drops into a dedicated drop zone. The virtual machine works in much the same way as the television version, so players will need to dodge shuffles, avoid riders and keep their excitement in check as they wait to see which of them will win big.

One advantage that the Tipping Point online bingo game has over the television version is that it can be played by more than four people at a time, and none of the participants need to set foot out of the door – let alone visit a TV studio – to take part. All anyone has to do to get their Tipping Point fix is log into their Sky Bingo account, head to the Tipping Point Bingo room and grab their tickets.

Visit Sky Bingo to explore the Tipping Point Bingo game further, and good luck to those of you who choose to get involved!

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