Strong Growth for Tombola Bingo

ian bruce
Written by Ian Bruce
Published on Thursday 16th February 2017, 9:52 am

Strong Growth for Tombola Bingo

Tombola Ltd, the Sunderland-based company which provides online bingo games in the UK and Europe, saw its turnover surge by 20% in the financial year to April 2016, according to its latest financial report. The company, which was formed in 1999, enjoyed a turnover of £59.47 million in the twelve months to the end of April 2016, almost £10 million more than the £49.79 million figure for the previous year.

Cost of sales was reported as £37.66 million, up from £28.47 million for the year to the end of April 2015, and operating profit remained fairly stable, at £11.58 million compared with £11.71 million in the previous year. 

All of this is good news for bingo fans, because it provides concrete evidence – if any were needed – that the game continues to go from strength to strength, not only here in the UK, but also abroad. Tombola operates the largest bingo site in both Spain and Italy, as well as the UK, and it plans to expand into other countries in the near future.

That expansion is part of a five year plan which was designed to help the company to double its turnover between 2015 and 2020, and the latest figures indicate that everything is going in the right direction on that front. The company also plans to increase its workforce, which is terrific news for those who live in or around Sunderland. Tombola already employs more than 400 people in the area, and a new £6 million headquarters for the company is being developed by the River Wear in readiness for its continued progression to even bigger and better things.

One of the things that sets Tombola apart from other online bingo operators is that it doesn’t simply put a new skin on generic games. Instead, it develops its own titles – both arcade games and bingo offerings – from scratch, which ensures that players get to enjoy an online gaming experience which is unique.

Whilst some commentators used to believe that online bingo was merely a passing fad that would eventually die out, time has proven otherwise, and the game is just as popular today as it was a decade ago, if not even more so. We are confident that the industry will continue to entertain and excite players, as well as provide plenty of jobs and boost local economies for years to come.

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